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The scope of auditor is restricted and strongly related to financial statements. It’s highly material and should be disclaimed. 2. The auditor has some benefit with the clients so it’s not independent anymore and should be disclaimed. 3. Unqualified and not material. Change type of the business has nothing to do with the principles and is fully disclosed. It’s not the changing of the accounting principles 4. With the doubt of the continue possibility, the report type should be unqualified with explanatory paragraph, and it’s highly material. It’s a going on concern problem 5.

Unqualified, not material. . The company failed to follow accounting principles and it’s highly material. The balance sheets didn’t tell you the amount It should be an adverse report. Or could be qualified depending on it’s material or not. 3-29 1 . Since the company refuses to write-off the products, it failed to follow the GAP so it’s material, and is adverse (Depending on the martial or not It’s a GAP departure 2. It’s not material but since the footnote disclosed this should be an unqualified report type with standard wording. 3. Change of the accounting principles is material.

But it’s in the footnote so it’s unqualified with explanatory paragraph. Consistency issue 4. Failed to follow GAP and it’s material. Should be the adverse type of report. 5. It’s not material and the audit report is unqualified with standard words. 6. Since the company does not allow the audit to check the receivable this should be a scope limitation and it’s a disclaimer and is highly material. Report that other auditor company is involved and it’s not material. Circumstance first. The auditor’s decision is willing to take responsibility is a 3-30 1. The footnote is not fully disclosed and it’s highly material.

This should be a unqualified with explanatory paragraph. 2. It’s not material and is an unqualified with standard wording. 3. Since the scope of the audit is limited it’s a disclaimer and highly material. 4. Sorry I have no idea about this question. 5. It’s not material and should be an unqualified report standard wording. 6. It’s material and since it’s disclosed, this should be a unqualified type standard wording. 7. Since the company changed the accounting principles it’s material but it’s fully disclosed. So this should be an unqualified type with standard wording. 3-31 1.

It’s not related to accounting principles. Should not be modified. 2. Using a new accounting principles should be modified. 3. Using a new accounting principles should be modified. 4. A change of life of equipment is not related to accounting principles so it should not be modified. 5. The total amount of the tax is not changed and is not accounting principle related, so it should not be modified. 6. Using a new accounting principles should be modified. 7. It’s material and the change of the type of the financial statements should be modified. 8. Using a new accounting principles should be modified.

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