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It is the main objective of the program to educate the majority of the employees to realize why they are at times experiencing lapse at work due to environmentally degrading situations as per noted in the above sections of this paper. Addressing these issues though would certainly involve the need to educate the employees as to how they should deal successfully with the work as well as health issues that they need to face at work.

Ideally, then, the aim of this program is to provide the employees with the satisfactory needs that they have in them to be able to accommodate the demands of the employees thus giving them the reasons to be loyal to the organization that they particularly belong to. These needs are to be presented as follows: According to Maslow, this hierarchy of needs is necessary factors that employers must address every time the issue on employee satisfaction is being discussed.

It is the responsibility of every administration that the said needs of individuals are duly provided to their employees. By doing so, the company administration ensures their company of an excellent service from their employees resulting to better reputation of the organization

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as presented to the society. Through this, the design of the program shall then be carefully arranged into a more progressive manner on how the needs of the employees could be attended well by the organization through the cooperation of the employees themselves.

This then would begin on re-educating the employees with their needs. They are also to be presented with the certain changes that the company would likely need to consider changing to be able to give way to the needs of their staff thus creating a more workable environment for them which not only focuses on their performances but is also concerned on the fact that their health, becomes the primary target of attention in the organization.

Training method The training itself could take plight in different forms such as lecture and presentations. Workshops and open forums shall also be hosted within the said programming system so as to be able to make the training “for the employees and by the employees”; which means that they are to be given the chance to control the training program at some point so as to simply make it more benefiting on their part.

(LECTURES) This phase of the program shall make most of the program. Introducing a better understanding of their needs and how the company plans to provide them with the said satisfactory demands would pilot the whole program. IT shall set the goal of the program in insisting the agreement between the organizational administration and the employee-bodies to cooperate with each other to be able to receive the values that they both separately deserve from the organization.

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