Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and American Lives Essay

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This shows that so many American lives were already lost, and by dropping the bombs there were many lives that were saved.

Because of the bomb dropping, a huge number of American lives were saved. “An Invasion of Japan would have resulted In another 500,000 American lives lost” (The Human Cost). This shows that dropping the bomb was a good idea because we didn’t have to invade Japan so we could save lives.

Dropping the bomb was a great way to ensure that American lives would be saved. The atomic that was dropped on Japan helped end the war earlier. The atomic bomb was the best way to assure an end to the war.

“When the atomic bomb became available in July 1945, it appeared to be the most promising way to end the war”(Walker). By dropping the bomb on Japan, they would have to surrender because of their loss and destruction. The atomic bombs made Japan’s emperor make a decision as whether to surrender or continue. “The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and

Nagasaki persuaded Emperor Horopito, who had wavered for weeks, that the war must end Immediately” (Walker). By dropping the bomb, the U.

S. Ended the war earner. In conclusion, The U. S dropping the bomb on Japan ended the war earlier which also saved lives. The u. s.

Used the atomic bomb on Japan because It saved American lives and ended the war earlier. Too many American lives have been already lost, so by dropping the bomb on Japan the U. S. Saved lives.

By dropping the bomb, The U. S. Ended the war very shortly. We also took over the Japanese Emperor ND prevented further invasion.

To recap, America’s decision to drop the bomb on Japan was a good decision and also a beneficial one. Using the bomb on Japan helped America win the war and we would be in a different situation now if we hadn’t used it.

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