Associate Court Clerk exam

CPL applies to
All criminal actions and proceedings commenced before but still pending on the eff. Date of CPL, provided that application of the provisions would not work injustice
An indictment is a written accusation by
A grand jury filed with a supreme court in order to charge one or more deft. With a crime..serves as a basis for prosecution of a crime
A SCI is classified in CPL as
A written accusation by a D.A filed with a superior court which charges a deft. With the commission of one or more offenses at least one of which is a crime
Accusatory instruments are used on behalf of the state as plaintiff to charge
All offenses
The state is designated as plaintiff in every accusatory instrument
Without exception
Local criminal court accusatory instruments include
Felony complaints
Misdemeanor complaints
Accusatory instruments include
Felony complaints, prosecutors information,misdemeanor complaints, and indictments
An information in a local criminal court is
A verified written accusation by a person