Assignment: Systems Engineering Management

The project manager mentioned an importance Of cut a cost overrun, however a tutorial failure could ruin the entire project and all money spent until that point would be lost. 2 – Should the structures manager have been dedicated enough to continue the work on his own? I don’t think so. He already tried to convince the PM with reasonable reasons. The structure manager could report to a superior, and create a whole new problem of trust and relationship.

However if the he had done the work by his own he might redirect the explosion, but it will create a relation problem between him and the PM, since he disobeyed a direct order and future conflicts will occur. 3 – Can a functional manager, who considers his organization as strictly support, still be dedicated to total project success? Yes because the success of the whole project affect my part. A functional manager is a part of a group who is trying to get into new field of business and need team players not only people concerned about do his own part.

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