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Taging Standards
1. Relevance and rightness of rubric & A ; Addressing posed assessment topic/task 2. Sound. logical. clearly developed and good supported statement

3. Clear essay construction ( intro. organic structure. decision ; paragraph construction ) & A ; Adherence to good academic authorship pattern ( presentation. grammar. lucidity of look ) 4. Depth and comprehensiveness of research & A ; Analysis. rating and integrating of research 5. Referencing ( lower limit of 8 academic mentions ; in-text commendations and citing ; consistence of citing manner ; building of mention list )

Choose one ( 1 ) of six subjects:
Sustainable touristry and… 1. …climate alteration 2. …protected countries 3. …poverty relief 4. …mining 5. …ecotourism 6. … . cross-cultural apprehension & A ; peace

Topic 1 – ST & A ; clime alteration
Many writers argue that touristry is a major subscriber to climate alteration. peculiarly through its travel/transport constituent. As the effects of clime alteration are get downing to act upon authorities policies ( e. g. C revenue enhancement ) and consumer behavior ( i. e. through increased consumer consciousness ) . research the hereafter of touristry and how it may alter ( or non ) over the following 20 old ages. Pull on illustrations from authorities policy. go behaviour informations. clime alteration surveies and/or touristry and sustainability arguments to back up your instance.

Topic 1 – support stuffs
• • • • • • • • Unit topic 6 stuffs Unit subject 3 reading – What if authoritiess banned touristry? Sustainable Tourism CRC studies: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. crctourism. com. au/BookShop/SearchResult. aspx? k=climate % 20change CSIRO resources: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. csiro. au/Outcomes/Climate/Understanding. aspx Can ST include winging? Watch the argument: hypertext transfer protocol: //vls. uclan. Ac. uk/play. aspx? videoid=5903 ABC TV series on climate alteration: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. rudiment. cyberspace. au/tv/changeyourmind/characters/ News study on some impacts: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. rudiment. cyberspace. au/news/2012-05-14/heatwavesbushfires-predicted-to-hammer-nsw/4009006 Official authorities web site on Carbon Tax: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cleanenergyfuture. gov. au/

Topic 2 – ST & A ; protected countries
About 10-15 per centum of the earth’s surface is in designated protected countries. with the primary focal point on biodiversity preservation. However. despite protection. “ [ T ] he loss of biodiversity is still speed uping within and beyond the boundaries of protected areas” ( Bushell & A ; Eagles 2007. p. 1 ) . Nelson Mandela. in his gap address at the fifth World Parks Congress in
Durban argued that “It is merely through confederations and partnerships that Protected Areas can be made relevant to the demands of society. ” In this context. critically review tourism’s part to biodiversity preservation and research chances for confederations between protected countries and touristry to further relevancy of protected countries to local communities and the broader society. Use illustrations from around the universe to exemplify your statement.

Topic 2 – support stuffs
• • • • Materials from Unit topic 7 World database on protected countries: World Wide Web. wdpa. org Tourism and Protected Areas: Benefits Beyond Boundaries / Paul F. J. Eagles. Robyn Bushell Wallingford: CAB International. 2007: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cabi. org. ezproxy. scu. edu. au/CABeBooks/default. aspx? site=107 & A ; page=45 & A ; LoadModule=PDFH ier & A ; BookID=342 “Arguments for Protected Areas: Multiple Benefits for Conservation and Use” . You can entree the book utilizing this nexus: hypertext transfer protocol: //scu. eblib. com. au/patron/FullRecord. aspx? p=517175 Tourism potencies for funding protected countries: Annalss of Tourism Research. 2000. Vol. 27 ( 3 ) . pp. 590-610 hypertext transfer protocol: //dx. Department of the Interior. org. ezproxy. scu. edu. au/10. 1016/j. bbr. 2011. 03. 031 Protected countries. poorness and struggles: A support instance survey of Mikumi National Park. Tanzania: A support instance survey of Mikumi National Park. Tanzania. Forest Policy and Economics. 2012. Vol. 21. pp. 2031: hypertext transfer protocol: //dx. Department of the Interior. org. ezproxy. scu. edu. au/10. 1016/j. bbr. 2011. 03. 031

• • •

Topic 3 – ST & A ; poverty relief
Discuss the function of touristry in cut downing poorness and accomplishing the Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ) . Critically examine theoretical accounts such as pro-poor touristry or voluntary touristry and draw on international illustrations and instance surveies in your statement.

Topic 3 – support stuffs
• • • • • • • hypertext transfer protocol: //www. propoortourism. org. uk/ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. tourismconcern. org. uk/ Make Poverty History hypertext transfer protocol: //www. makepovertyhistory. com. au/ Micah Challenge & A ; Millenium
Development Goals hypertext transfer protocol: //www. micahchallenge. org. au/mdg UN web site on MDGs hypertext transfer protocol: //www. un. org/millenniumgoals/ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. miniature-earth. com/ Global Poverty Project hypertext transfer protocol: //www. globalpovertyproject. com/pages/about_us & A ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=I1mp0t0qc80

Topic 4 – ST & A ; excavation
With the rapid enlargement of natural resource extraction industries such as excavation and oil and gas operations in Australia. they are progressively infringing on countries used for nature-based touristry. For illustration. the enlargement of Gladstone Port in Queensland is endangering the unity of the Great Barrier Reef ; and excavation and gas undertakings along the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia are likely to negatively impact the current touristry experience in this country. Similarly. the continuance of old-growth logging in Tasmania may cut down chances for nonextractive economic chances such as ecotourism. In a political and economic environment where authoritiess presently see themselves as extremely dependent on the short term grosss from natural resource extraction industries. the demands of the touristry industry may be seen as secondary. Research avenues for touristry to beef up its voice and image as a more sustainable alternate and to guarantee that the strategic demands of the touristry industry are recognised and being considered in the political sphere.

Topic 4 – support stuffs
• • Great Barrier Reef – hypertext transfer protocol: //youtu. be/tYd5_u6ehlA Kimberley – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wilderness. org. au/campaigns/kimberley/kimberley-tourism-report-launch-aug31st-2010 & A ; the study hypertext transfer protocol: //www. wilderness. org. au/pdf/Kimberley_WhaleCoast_Report. pdf

Topic 5 – Ecotourism
Over the last two decennaries. ‘ecotourism’ has come under some examination and has been capable to criticisms. Research the construct of ecotourism ( 1 ) as defined in theory and ( 2 ) as applied in pattern and lineation ( 3 ) what you consider ecotourism to be. Through research. clearly identify cardinal statements by experts and practicians who are pro ecotourism and statements by experts and practicians who are against ecotourism and back up their places
with illustrations and mentions. Reflect on your personal place and critically analyze the pro and con positions against your place.

Topic 5 – support stuffs
• • • Journal of Ecotourism – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. multilingual-matters. cyberspace. ezproxy. scu. edu. au/jet/default. htm Journal of Sustainable Tourism – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. multilingual-matters. cyberspace. ezproxy. scu. edu. au/jost/default. htm Unit topic 3 & A ; 8 in peculiar & A ; unit stuffs throughout

Topic 6 – ST & A ; cross-cultural undersanding
The societal and cultural dimensions of touristry sustainability have gained increasing attending over recent old ages in efforts to more every bit balance and see the economic. environmental and socio-cultural impacts of touristry. For illustration. research is researching ways of capturing and supervising the less touchable impacts of touristry activities peculiarly in cross-cultural contexts. such as the effects on local Aboriginal communities of tourers accessing Aboriginal lands without Traditional Owner permission. In this context. explore and critically examine statements by touristry bookmans who promote touristry as a agency for advancing peace and cross-cultural apprehension. Draw on illustrations from the literature and reflect on your ain experiences as a tourer to exemplify your statements.

Topic 6 – support stuffs
• International Institute for Peace Through Tourism – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. iipt. org/ • Alternative Tourism Group – hypertext transfer protocol: //www. atg. ps/index. php? page=1177263170. 1198159598. 1208362704 • Writers such as Freya Higgins-Desbiolles: – – – Higgins-Desbiolles. F. ( 2010 ) In the oculus of the perceiver? Tourism and the activist academic. In P. Burns et Al. ( Eds. ) Tourism and ocular civilization: Vol 1 theories and constructs ( pp. 98-106 ) . Wallingford: CABI. Higgins-Desbiolles. F. & A ; Blanchard. L. ( 2010 ) Challenging peace through touristry: Puting touristry in the context of human rights. justness & A ; peace. In O. Moufakkir & A ; I. Kelly ( Eds. ) Tourism Progress and Peace ( pp. 35-47 ) . Wallingford: CABI. Higgins-Desbiolles. F. ( 2009 ) International Solidarity Movement: A instance survey in volunte

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