Assignment Organizational Behavior Essay

Situational Leadership provides a simple and logical model with four basic decision-making manners – important. consultative. facilitative. and delegative. Briefly describe these manners and describe when they are appropriate to utilize. Our text edition states that important decision-making manner. “applies in state of affairss where the director has the necessary experience and information to make a decision and followings do non possess the ability. willingness. or assurance to help” ( p. 295 ) .

This would be appropriate when you are the lone beginning of information or expertness. Harmonizing to p. 296 of our text edition. advisory decision-making manners are a “valuable scheme when the director recognizes that the followings besides possess some experience or cognition of the topic and are willing but non yet able to help” . This manner is appropriate when there is more clip to do a determination on of import issues and requires input from people who can be straight impacted by those determinations. Facilitative decision-making. as stated on p. 96 of our text edition every bit good. “is a concerted attempt in which director and followings work together to make a shared decisions” .

This attack would be utile when covering with an able. but non confident follower. Delegative determination devising. covered on p. 297 of our text edition. is used “when follower high in preparedness who have the experience and information needed to do the proper determination or recommendation” . This manner is appropriate when “the director can look frontward to a high degree of public presentation by stating. ‘You know this topic. Work on it and allow me cognize what you come up with’” ( p. 297 ) .

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