Assessment of Annual Report of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

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Assessment of Annual Report of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited The annual reports of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited is analysed below keeping in view to the criteria designed according to the 11 models. The grading is done according to the following scale. Good: the criterion is well fulfilled.

Bad: Criterion is not well fulfilled. Criterion is not fulfilled.By applying the criteria to the annual report of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited of year 2006 it is found that the reporting pattern followed by the Company is still that of the traditional one, which gives the whole importance to the financial indicators of annual report in order to, present their performance rather than intangible assets. Although the company is adopting the new reporting trends but value chain management needs to be concentrated.The annual report of the company fulfils the most criteria the annual report of the company undertakes all the aspects of reporting from financial to economical, and societal. The concept of the intangible asset is also well addressed in the report.

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