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Who are the Best Applicants for Human Resource Management in China?

Multinational corporations rely on a multitude of factors for their success, but without doubt one of the most important factors lays in the skills and qualities of the Human Resource Manager (HRM). For this reason it is important to clearly identify the skills needed to be a successful HRM in China and apply them in selecting managers.

China historically has had a lack of highly skilled people capable of being successful international managers. Multinational corporations saw Chinese as very family and group orientated, not accepting change and not willing to adopt new and foreign ideas. In most cases Multinational Corporations employed staff from their homeland but suffered greatly in the supply of adequately skilled managers due to the high demand. Today companies are opening up more and more to hiring Chinese as HRM s for their education standards are improving and more and more Chinese are getting a foreign education.

To be a successful manager in China several skills are seen as being the most important. The strength of a successful HRM lies primarily in their human skills. This involves several areas. Managers need to have skills in speaking both Chinese and English, most companies in China use English as their corporate language, however many Chinese may not know how to speak English fluently. Use quote on education and literacy levels In order to understand what Chinese employees may need or may have problems with English will come in as very useful, for the Chinese staff will feel more comfortable speaking in Chinese and more willing to open up their problems, also less of a chance of wrong interpretation of problems. HRM s need to be open and accepting of both cultures, understanding the differences in work ethics and culture and being sensitive to clashes that may arise in this area. Successful HRM s should demonstrate their openness to both cultures and adapt that creatively into their management approach. They should be able to identify both strengths and weaknesses of both cultures put allocate people to specific tasks based on these strengths or weaknesses and also develop a management policy based on these qualities.

3 views local, Australian, or outsider.

How does Human Resource Management Govern the Relationship Between Management and Employee in China?

4 Functions of Management, planning, organizing leading controlling

The relationships between each stage

HRM and setting out the frameworks for cooperation within an organization

Good strategies in HRM lead to effective use of Human Resources

Creates an environment of communication and understanding, allocation of skills to type of work, making the most of the difference of cultures, and applying them into the workforce.

Creates a structure for dispute management and resolution

Creating an effective work environment, so that work is optimized and that people are not discriminated against, but also taking measures to identify areas where clashes are taking place.


areas of management.


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+ Training is perhaps one of the most understated challenges faced by a new investor , An aggressive policy of indoctrination and training must be implemented to ensure the smooth transfer of knowledge and expertise. Training is also of paramount importance in changing the attitude of those workers who have little concept of the link between success and competent performance. P245

Lane, W, Distefano, J, Maznevski, M. (2000) International Management Behavior 4th Edition, Blackwell Publishers Ltd, Oxford.

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