Asexual reproduction

AsexualThe type of reproduction that does not involve gametes and where the offspring grows off from the adult.
SexualThe type of reproduction that involves the production and fusion of gametes.
GonadsSpecialised parts of an adults body that produce gametes through meiosis.

MitosisThe cell division that produces clone cells in eukaryotic organisms.
Binary fissionThe cell division that produces clone cells in prokaryotic organisms.
MeiosisThe cell division that produces gametes.
GametesAnother name for sex cells.
BuddingAsexual reproduction in which a part of the parent organism pinches off and forms a new organism.
FragmentationAsexual reproduction whereby a single parent breaks into parts that regenerate into whole new individuals.
Vegetative propagationA form of asexual reproduction in which plants produce genetically identical offshoots of themselves, which then develop into independent plants.
RunnerAsexual reproduction whereby a plant stem grows on the soils surface and produces new plants. E.g. strawberries
TuberAsexual reproduction whereby roots develop into specialised structures that can grow new plants. E.g. potatoes
RhizomeAsexual reproduction whereby a lateral stem grows under the soils surface and produces new plants.

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E.g. bearded irises, kikuya grass
IdenticalAsexually reproducing organisms produce genetically _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ offspring.
VariableSexually reproducing organisms produce genetically _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ offspring.
MutationThe process whereby the DNA code of a cell is randomly changed. This is the only source of variation for asexually reproducing organisms.
StableAsexually reproducing organisms fare very well in _ _ _ _ _ _ environments
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