ASAM Placement

Question Answer
Early Intervention Level 0.5
Outpatient Treatment Level 1
Intensive Outpatient Level II.1
Partial Hospitalization Level II.5
Clinically managed low intensity residential services Level III.1
Clinically managed medium intensity residential services Level III.3
Clinically managed high intensity residential services Level III.5
Medically monitored intensive inpatient treatment Level III.7
Medically managed intensive inpatient treatment Level IV
Detox Modifier D
Opioid maintenance treatment Modifier OMT
Capable of managing complex medical comorbidity Modifier BIO
Alcohol or drug treatment only Modifier AOD
Dual diagnosis capable – able to identify dual diagnosis problems, capable of referral to outside provider if psychiatric comorbidity is identified as problematic Modifier DDC
Dual diagnosis enhanced – capable on site of managing patients who have addiction and current confounding psychiatric disorder Modifier DDE
Dimension 1 Acute intoxication and or withdrawal potential
Dimension 2 Biomedical conditions and complications
Dimension 3 Emotional, behavioral, cognitive conditions and complications
Dimension 4 Readiness to change
Dimension 5 Relapse, continued use, continued problem potential
Dimension 6 Recovery environment

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