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Week 1 will be done on an article chosen by the student from any reputable source such as news, trade, or professional periodicals or newspapers. The article must have been published one month or less before the assignment is due and be about some aspect of international business. The summary will be approximately one page in length and will include a summary of the article, the student’s reaction to the contents of the article and a complete citation of the source. Any generally used style manual format may be used for your citation, such as ML.

These are to be done In Word and are to be put In the Dropped with the student’s name, the week, and the assignment type. Outsourcing to China changes people’s life-style The outsourcing from America impacted my generation profoundly in many ways. We went to college and then found jobs in foreign companies like MM, Intel, Flatirons or small scale foreign companies before settling down in the big cities. My parents’ generation was so much different than ours. They worked on the land day after day, in the rain or under the flaming sun.

However, their income was barely enough to keep the family fed and pay for the elementary school. Most people in my generation went to college paid by their siblings who worked in the big cities instead of by the parents. These demographic changes are directly caused by manufacturing growth driven by outsourcing and globalization. The cities where the outsourcing factories are located are filled with young people from rural country side. When we were young, we were told by the parents that we have to study hard to get out of the poor mountain side and find a better life in the wealthy cities.

Outsourcing made it achievable because during my parent’s generation, there was no opportunity for country people to find a Job in the cities. The manufacturing sector growth driven by outsourcing required massive growth in the workforce and changed the life-style of the whole generation In consuming, gathering and learning. The economic growth created a large middle class group who consumes fashionable and new technology products (“The Most Popular America Companies in China”). People change their cell phones whenever a new model comes out.

Apple noticed the huge market in China and signed an agreement with China Mobile. (Fanner) New modern shopping malls and upscale restaurants from all over the counties are coming into people’s life. My phew was born in 2004 and did not grow up with strollers and diapers, but now you can see strollers on the street and diaper changing stations In the newly built shopping malls. The traditional style of spending time together at home with most women in the family doing the cooking becomes reservations at the restaurants.

All of the family members get a chance to talk to each other through the meal instead of rushing to get all the food served. The English learning begins in the elementary school’s curriculum. I did not learn any English until middle school, but now little kids are exposed to English like their native language. Most Chinese people agree that if fiercely competitive world. In the rural country-side, has seen huge demographic and economic change Just like the big cities. There are not so many young people around the village. Most of them left behind are the old people and small kids.

Many would get money from their children who work in the big city. They bought large TV, since they do not need to work; they sit in front of the TV for most of the time or play cards with friends. However, some of the older people do not get support from the children are living in a very lonely and poor situation. According to Kerry Brown, some people vying on far less than one dollar per day. (161) Poor is easier to handle when you are surrounded by a loving family, but it would be real torture when lonely and poor goes hand in hand with loneliness since all the kids had left for big cities.

My parents are among these people. My sister has family in Sheehan city and I have my family in the United States. They are living in very lonely life with all the kids working far away from home. The only company they have are the other lonely old couples. They do not have people to look after them when they are sick and there is no laughter or happy events at the house. Everywhere is quiet; you could hear the sound of a pin dropping on the floor even in such spacious house.

When I was little, I remember the place as a very happy and noisy place; you needed to yell in order to have other people hear your voice. All the kids play together in the mountain and rivers. Adults work on the land side by side with each other, kids scream and laugh, and noises from cows, pigs, ducks and etc. Are everywhere. Now it is so quiet and isolated. Outsourcing impacted everyone’s life in China. As a matter of fact, I would not be sitting here and writing this essay if I did not learn English and work for the American many, since meeting my husband there and marrying him brought me to the US.

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