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King was and what he did. Sentence 5 Thesis: a statement that sums up a whole essay in one sentence and states key points. Your thesis will answer the question that has been proposed: What best way to overcome racism why? Examples: = sum up whole essay = key points Toy Story’ suggests that friends always stick together because of Wood’s attempts to save Buzz, Woodsy enlistment of Kid’s toys, and the famous Randy Newman theme song.

The Lion King is about how everyone wants to have power, as seen through Scar’s takeover of the animal kingdom, Samba’s desire to be king and the Hyena’s constant bickering. If ending Memo suggests that friends and family stick together because of Marlin’s attempts to save his son, his friendship with Dory, and the immunity seen amongst the children at the beginning and end of the film. Your thesis: Dry. Kings dream for America was because (1) , and Dry.

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