Architecture Study Guide – Terms

Post and Lintel
like a table; the Lintel is the table and the Post is the leg

series of columns holding a structure

Fluted Column
capital decorated with two rows of acanthus leaves and four scrolls

Doric Order
Basic; oldest; Archaic period

Ionic Order
Elegant; Classical period; Volutes (scrolls)

Corinthian Order
Elaborate; variation of Ionic; Hellenistic period

spiral scroll-like ornaments

chamber in a Temple

Acropolis →
city on a hill; fortified/military strategy

characterized by heavy masonry construction with narrow openings, features such as the round arch, the groin vault, and the barrel vault, and the introduction or development of the vaulting rib, the vaulting shaft, and central and western towers for churches.

Barrel Vault
basic curve, two arches; Groin Vault → two barrel vaults crossed

self explanatory

Arches side by side

Triumphal Arch
honored heroes, victory ceremonies

Flying Buttress
thin arms of stone

Stained Glass
glass stained

arch spun 360 degrees

a tall, more or less open construction admitting light to an enclosed area below

a circular opening, esp. one at the apex of a dome

A rectangular column with a capital and base, projecting only slightly from a wall as an ornamental motif

impress and overwhelm

Linear Distortion
blurring, curvilinear walls

Over Decoration
scrollwork, oval windows, cherubs (little male babies)

Planned Exterior Spaces
Gardens and courtyards

eyes towards the heavens

eyes towards the doors

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