AR Marketing Management Unit 3

Authoriotative leadership style
That gives direct, clear, details instructions as to what, when, and how work is to be done
Measuring performance comparing it with goals and objectives and making adjustments when necessary
Democratic leadership style
Encourages workers to make decisions about their work and work related problems
Top level manager who spends almost all of his/her time on management functions and decisions that affect the entire company
Human relations
The ability managers need to understand and work well with people
Helping employees to work effectively
The ability to communicate the direction of the business and to influence others to successfully carry out the work
Involves developing, implementing, and evaluating the plans and activities of a business
Middle manager
Level of management that completes all of the management functions but focuses usually on one or two management functions
Open leadership style
Gives little or no direction to employees
The management function that involves grouping related activities together and arranging resources to accomplish the goals of an organization
The function of management that involves analyzing information, setting goals, and determining how to achieve them
The activities needed to match individuals with the work to be done
Supervisory level
The first level of management in a company
Technical skills
The specific abilities people use to perform their jobs
Total quality management (TQM)
A system of management based on involving all employees in a process of continually improving quality and productivity by improving how they work

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