AR 350-1 3/4 P4

61. Can a Soldier receive a Temporary Profile while enrolled in NCOES
The Commandant will determine if the Soldier can continue the course or be sent back to their unit.
62. What are some reasons Soldiers may be removed from NCOES
(1) Personal conduct
(2) Lack of motivation
(3) Academic deficiency
(4) Illness or injury
63. What should happen to Enlisted Soldiers disenrolled from NCOES for misconduct
Barred from Reenlistment
64. What could Commanders do to Enlisted Soldiers who are disenrolled from NCOES for misconduct
Commanders May Initiate Separation Proceedings
65. How long must Soldiers disenrolled from WLC for disciplinary or motivational reasons have to wait before they are allowed to be eligible for further NCOES enrollment
six months
66. Why may a Soldier be removed from a Course Consideration list or course selection lists
For disciplinary reasons or substandard performance of duty
67. What are the Three categories for NCOES Deferment
1. Compassionate
2. Medical
3. Operational
68. What will be a valid reason for Medical Deferment
when the individual’s physical condition will not allow full participation in the selected course
69. What is the requirement for an Operational Deferment
Operational deferment will only be granted for unit deployments
70. Para 3-16 How many times may Enlisted Soldiers be deferred for Operational reasons
A: Enlisted Soldiers may be deferred one time for operational reasons by any commander in the grade of colonel or higher
71. What may happen to a Soldier that declines NCOES attendance
may lose current promotion or current promotable status
72. Are Soldiers allowed to request Early Release or Early Graduation from NCOES
73. How long must Individual-student training records be maintained by the school
for at least 12 months after the completion of training (24 months for Soldiers dismissed from a course)
74. What is the primary source for course completion documentation for the Army
ATRRS is the primary source for course completion documentation
75. What will be issued to all students on successful completion of courses
Diplomas or certificates of completion
76. Where will All individual unit and collective training in units be documented
A: in individual training records (ITRs) utilizing DTMS
77. Where will individual and collective training in TRADOC institutional schools be documented
in the Resident Individual Training Management System (RITMS)
78. What provides an orderly transition from civilian to military life
A: Initial Military Training (IMT)
79. What is the goal of NCO training and the NCOES
to prepare noncommissioned officers to lead and train Soldiers
80. What does the linking of NCOES to promotion to SSG, SFC, MSG, and SGM ensure
It ensures NCOs have the appropriate skills and knowledge required before assuming the duties and responsibilities of the next higher grade

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