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Shower Decision sheet Submitted by: Anti Gar (Section B) Objective Develop a marketing strategy for Squalid Quartz Market Segmentation Basis Type Market Characteristics Pricing segment Premium Through showrooms, high performance and service Standard Rely on independent plumber, emphasize performance & service Value Convenience and price. Avoid excavation. Use independent plumber Distribution channel Trade shops Primary customer is plumber, lack of expertise on each product Showrooms High-end, provides solution to customers, experts about product Do it yourself

Retail outlets, discounted products, mass market Installation method By developer Prefer reliable, nice looking products. Price sensitive By showroom 2 day Job, require significant bathroom excavation By Plumber Avoid unfamiliar product, reluctant to switch brands, avoid electronics, advice brands to customers, 54% of market share SOOT Analysts (Quartz) Strength water supply Temperature control is automatic Do not require mechanical control to be put in the shower. Done remotely. Single hole drilling. No excavation. Weakness Used electronics which plumbers avoided Very high price. Niche product Low brand awareness of Quartz product

Need to point out deficiencies in existing products to sell Quartz. Will cannibalize the sales of existing product Opportunities It was a breakthrough product. Had potential to become industry standard Technology could be used in baths, sinks, etc Threats Competitors will start using this technology sooner or later Strategy: Since installation through plumbers constitute 54% of the market share, getting them on board is essential. Arrange a conference for developers and plumbers and educate them about the advantages of the Quartz showers. Give away free sample to plumbers so that they can try out the product.

Ensure that plumbers get a chance to try out the product. Give the plumbers incentives like free tool kit, awards based on their sales targets, etc Reduce the price of Quartz Standard to around ?¬700 so that developers start using it. This will popularize the product and will help increase sales of Quartz Pumped which is the top end product with high profit margins. Allow 3 months return guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the product. Since this would be first of a kind offer, people would be incentives to try it out. Also the returns would be scarce due to high product quality.

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