Apuleius book 2.6-7 Vocabulary

Term Definition
dum while, provided that, as long as
amenti madness, frenzy
similis similar, like
celero to hasten, go quickly
vestigium footstep, step, trace
inquam to say
evigila to wake up
tecum esto get control of yourself
exoptatam to long for
occasionem occasion, oppurtunity
voto desire, hope
diutino lasting for a long time, long
fabulis talk, conversation, tale, story
miris extraordinary
explere to fill up
pectus breast, heart
aufer to carry away, remove, put aside
formidines fear
pueriles typical of a boy, boyish; boyhood; childhood
comminus at close quarters, hand-to-hand
naviter diligently
congredere to approach, contend, fight
nexu bond, embrace
quidem infact
venerio sexual
hospitis house; home
tempera refrain, hold back from
probi excellent, able
genialem nuptial, festive, joyous
torum bed
religiosus reverent, sacred, pious, religious
suspice to look at, honour
enimvero truly, certainly
Fotis female slave to Milo
famula serving woman
petatur to seek, direct one's courtesy
enixe strenuously, assiduously

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