Apuleius book 2.2-6 Vocabulary

Term Definition
attonitus stunned, awestruck, overwhelmed
immo rather
vero really, without doubt
crucialbili excruciating agonizing (a crucible)
desiderio to sink, settle down
stupidus dazed, shock
nullo no, none
quidem in fact
ne…quidem to even
initio start, beginning
vel or, even, perhaps
vestigio footstep, step, trace; hint
cupidinis desire
reperto discovery, finding, learning
cuncta the whole, all
circumibam to go around, make a circuit
tamen nevertheless, however, all the same; although
alioquin in other respects, as a general rule, anyhow
optatam to desire
audivi heard
tantum so much, only
tantum modo only
cautela a caution, warning
Pamphiles Pamphile (Milo's wife)
afui to be absent, keep clear, or refrain from
ultro voluntarily, of one's own accord
gestirem to be eager, desire eagerly, make a gesture
tali such, of such a kind
magisterio instruction
volens willing
ampla large, great
mercede payment
tradere to hand over, give oneself to
prorsus altogether, quite, absolutely
barathrum chasm, pit
saltu a jump, leap
concito headlong
praecipitare to hurl down, leap down
festinus quick, impatient
denique finally, in short, and then, indeed
vecors frenzied
velut like, as if
catena chain; fetters
quadam a certain
memet me, myself
expedio to extricate, explain, narrate
propere quickly
Milonis Milo, Lucius' host
perniciter quickly, nimbly
hospitium home, house
evolo to fly away, rush out
sic thus
immo vero or rather
vecors animi frenzied mind
addito added
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