Apple Essay

Length: 162 words

The apple has been resting in our fridge for almost three weeks before tonight. The fresh crispiness of a brand new apple has been transformed into a bland, squishy, softness. The bright red color has faded into what you might consider as rosy red cheeks, with slight strips of white falling in between huge patches of redness. The stale smell of the apple makes one wonder how this object might taste after such a long time, bitter, sour, or downright poisonous. The three inch circular apple has began to develop what appears to be freckles, maybe from the stress of being swiped away from its wonderful home, sprayed with chemicals, and shoved into a dark cold prison where his only neighbor might be a bottle of water or a can of pop. With the evidence of a shriveled core, this poor apples life is beginning to fade away, for it will soon be thrown into a dumpster never to be seen again.

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