Appendix C Vocabulary Quiz

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Axia College Material Appendix C HUM 130 Week 1 Vocabulary Quiz | Define these terms in your own words. | 1. Immanent| Immanent is what we can experience in the world we live in. | 2. Religion| Is the belief in a god, gods, the divine or the supernatural, and that these forces dictate the events of our existence. | 3. Theistic| These are religions that are based on the belief that one can have a relationship with a divine being. | 4. Monotheistic| Monotheistic is when one worships an believes that there is only one divine being| 5.

Profane| Profane is used to describe the regular everyday occurrences of life, which seem unimportant. | 6. Polytheistic| Is the belief that there is more than one god or divine beings or things. | 7. Monistic| Is the belief that everything in created in the consciousness, and consciousness comes before everything else. | 8. Dogma| | 9. Nontheistic| Notheistic is the belief that things are the way they are and that no divine being created the here and now

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