APES chapter 16

product of a force times a distance, the ability to do work
sustainable energy development
basic goal of integrated energy management, provides reliable sources of energy that aren’t destructive and sustain future generations
first law of thermodynamics
energy cannot be created or destroyed, it is always conserved
second law of thermodynamics
energy will always tend to go from a more usable (higher quality) to a less valuable (lower quality) form
first law efficiency
amount of energy without any consideration of the quality or availability of the energy
second law efficiency
how well matched the energy end use is with the quality of the energy source
refers to getting by with less demand for energy
energy efficiency
designing equipment to yield more energy output from a given amount of input energy or better matches between energy source and end use
includes a number of processes designed to capture and use waste heat rather than simply to release it into the atmosphere or other parts of the environment
hard path
involves finding greater amounts of fossil fuels and building larger power plants
soft path
involves energy alternatives that emphasize quality, renewability, flexibility, and environmentally conscious
integrated energy management
no single source can provide all required energy

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