AP psych

the defense mechanism in which self- justifying explanations replace the real, unconscious reasons for actions is __________
refers to the process by which people redirect aggressive or sexual impulses toward less threatening targets
transformation of unacceptable impulses into social valued motivations
Defense mechanism sublimation
what theory emphasizes that anxiety is triggered by an awareness of one’s impending death
terror management theory
emphasizes the importance of our capacity for healthy growth and self realization; would most likely be criticized for underestimating the value of social obligations; criticized for underestimating the human predisposition to engage in destructive and evil behaviors
humanistic approach
Name 2 things about Alfred Adler
1) Neo-Freudian
2) coined term inferiority complex
Name one thing about Karen Horney
1) emphasized that childhood anxiety is caused by a sense of helplessness
Both Adler and Horney placed greater emphasis than did Freud on the role of _______ in personality development
social interactions
Name one thing about Carl Jung
1) Neo- Freudian theorist
referred to a shared reservoir of memory traces from our species history as the _________
collective unconscious
Name 2 things about Carl Rogers
People nurture our growth by being genuine, accepting, and emphatic
referred to an attitude of total acceptance toward another person as unconditional positive regards
___: most closely associated with the psychoanalytic approach;_____ requires people to respond to ambiguous pictures; false consensus effect
Projective tests; Thematic Apperception Test

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