AP Human Geography: Chapter 1 Test

This is the system of transferring locations from a globe to a flat map
A world map would most likely be considered to have a scale of this size
Small scale
This was the first person to use the word geography
This technology acquires data about the surface of the earth from satellites orbiting the planet
Remote sensing
The International Date Line is measured from this degree of longitude
180 degrees
This is the name given to a portion of Earth’s surface
This identifies a place by its location relative to other objects
Absolute location is found using these measurements
Latitude and longitude
Greenwich Mean Time is measured from this degree of longitude
0 degrees
These lines, used in determining absolute location, of the same length and have the same beginning and end
Meridians (lines of longitude)
This is an area distinguished by one or more unique characteristics
This type of region is centered around a node or focal point
Functional region
Stating voted for President Bush in the 2004 election would be considered this type of region
Formal region
The American South would be considered this type of region
Vernacular region
This is an internal representation of a portion of Earth’s surface
Mental map
This type of map projection is used for sailing across oceans but causes severe distortion at the poles
Mercator projection
This type of map uses shades of colors to represent higher and lower values of data that is being mapped
Choropleth map
These are types of maps that tell stories, rather than just depicting one piece of data, such as political boundaries
Thematic maps
In the Kuby mapping activity, this type of map used various sized circules to show large populations of African Americans who originally moved to morthern cities in search of jobs
Proportional symbol map
On isoline maps, lines that become closer together represent this
Rapid change in the data being mapped
This is the place from which an innovation originates
The spread of McDonalds to India, but with a veggie burger, instead of the Big Mac, is an example of this type of diffusion
Stimulus diffusion
The diffusion of fashion trends or new music is an example of this type of diffusion
Hierachial diffusion
language and religion are typically spread by this type of diffusion
Relocation diffusion
This is the theory that the greater the distance from the hearth, the less likely an innovation will be adopted
Distance decay
This is the notion that the physical environment causes social and cultural development
Environmental determinism
This is the idea that the environment limits human actions, say humans have the ability to adapt to the physical environment
Many argue that globalization causes this when some connections benefit from increased connections and others do not
Uneven development
This is an area of inquiry that studies how cultures adapt and alter their environment
Cultural ecology
Most human geographers agree that this geographic concept is outdated and incorrect
Enviromental determinism
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