anthropology ch 4 kottak

Absolute dating
establishing dates in numbers or ranges of numbers

measurement of human body parts and dimensions

Bone biology
study of bone as a biological tissue, including its genetics, cell structure, growth, development, decay, and patterns of movement

tree ring dating. A form of absolute dating

recovering remains by digging through the cultural and natural stratigraphy of a site

remains, traces, or impressions of ancient life

Informed consent
agreement to take part in research after being fully informed about its purpose, nature, funding, procedures, and potential impact on them

Molecular anthropology
DNA comparisons used to determine evolutionary links and distances

study of hominid, hominin, and human life through the fossil record

study of ancient life through the fossil record

the study of disease and injury in skeletons from archaeological sites

study of ancient plants and environments through pollen samples

Relative dating
establishing a time frame in relation to other strata or materials

Remote sensing
use of aerial photos and satellite images to locate sites on the ground

study of earth sediments deposited in demarcated layers

Systematic survey
provides regional perspective by gathering information on settlement patterns over a large are

Settlement pattern
the distribution of sites within a particular region

study of the processes that affect the remains of dead animals. ex) scattering of bones by other animals

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