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The handbook, Research ND Evaluation Skills Training – Mixed research methods, was published by COOL that it will help readers understand the knowledge about mixed research methods and help readers to promote their research and evaluation skills. The reason why selected and read this text is that it is intensively linked to my Chapter 3 Methodology of my dissertation. I need to use the information about mixed research methods to evaluate and analyze functions of different research methods.

As mentioned before this text is a handbook published by he COOL the three authors are all experts in their research field. Rob Walker is a agent of UNESCO who currently work on a project in India. Christine Sprat is a tutor of an inaugurated project. Barnett Robinson is now joining a research project in China. She spreads western research method to Chinese cooperators. Generally, the text is academic and reliable that will help me to understand the process of research method and help me to make a reasonable survey plan.

The concepts and detail information of the mixed search methods is fitting my research objective and it is apparently relevant to one chapter in the dissertation. Summary: The mixed research methods were introduced separately in four units in this handbook. The authors write this text in accordance to the process that they describe the definition of a concept, and then they introduce the function of different methods and give readers suggestion of studies. Will summarize the main content of this text next.

Firstly, the authors defined the mixed search methods that it is a multiple research approaches integrated qualitative methods and quantitative methods. The mixed research method has a complementary advantage which reduces the limitation of single research method. In a real research situation, using the mixed research method means that researchers should adopt different approaches to collect research data. The diverse data not only means high reliability, also can help researchers to hit research objectives easily.

Secondly, the authors claim that designing mixed methods is comparatively complex. It often need to use different way to collect data and uses different way to analyze the statistics for accurate consequences. The authors give their suggestion for reader about the process Of the mixed methods. For example, to collect data with mixed methods, there are seven ways to ensure researchers to get reliable data. Various methods such as questionnaire, interview, observation, secondary materials and content analyzing within coding system should be combined.

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