Animal Testing Essay

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The mental abuse of being locked up alone is al most too much to bare for the creatures. In addition, scientists continue to make an estimated 1 00 million animals every year suffer and die in cruel chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests, boil ago lessons, deiced training exercises, and corticosteroids medical experiments. PETA. 2 012). Not only is animal testing immoral, but in humane. House hold pets are icons Deere part of the family, yet those families contribute to the torture of innocent animals by buying products by manufacturers that test on animals. Scientists experiment by rubbing prod cuts in their eyes, their skin, and injecting chemicals into their body to see the reactions they co old possibly cause to humans. Companies, such as Avon, Colors, Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble, all test on animals.

By buying products produced by companies that are animal f roundly, families can support the appropriate treatment of animals all around the world. PETA is a welkin organ action of People for the Ethical Treatment of Anima Together, this foundation adapts lifestyles that protect the creatures that walk this earth. By spikes 2 eating vegan, not wearing clothes made from animal skin

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or fur, and boycotts Eng products that do experiment on animals, these people are able to make a positive impact on the e animals’ lives.

Many celebrities are known to support Petal’s mission also by donating funds ND famously going “bare” for the camera, stating they would rather be naked then wear ann. mall fur. With the support of thousands of people, not only celebrities, PETA has taken mans set as to protect SD many animals as possible. One celebrity in particular, Ian Smallholder, has taken matters into his own ha ends by founding the Ian Smallholder Foundation, which focuses on environmental sis uses and providing for its wildlife through sanctuaries for injured and abused animals. SF takes a stand against animal testing, promoting safe alternatives with more accurate results.

The DAD says that 9 out of 10 clinical trials based on animal tested products fall in human trials. (SF. 2 011) This proves that animal testing is not necessary and ineffective. Instead, the foundation s heeds light to alternate methods, such as the Organ Chip. This computer memory chip is De signed to mimic the human organs, lined with living cells, in order to be able to safely observe the reactions of the human body to new products. Three major U. S. Agencies are funding the $45 million dollar project in hopes of finding an alternative to method of testing to save millions of animals’ lives.

The government has very few laws pertaining to animal testing, so the people must Step up and stand against the cruel and pointless treatment of millions on animals . With simple changes in purchases and diet, society can eliminate the need for animal tests Eng. Instead of investing more time in the unethical methods of experimentation, scientists s would focus on advancing in technology and synthesizing human cells. No being should endue re any kind of pain Spikes 3 like this, especially not an innocent creature trapped in a lab. Animal testing c an be put to a Stop if the people stand up and be the voice for those who have none.

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