Aneurysm,Intermittent Claudication,Thrombophlebitis- DVT- Deep vein Thrombosis-

A dilation or ballooning out of the wall of the artery from plaque build up causing a weak area. This area can dissect or split apart, or form a saccular lesion or a fusiform (spindle-like) bulge

S/S of Aneurysm
Usually asymptomatic until rupture, then there can be a stroke, chest pain or death.

Tests for Aneurysm
Angiography, US and x-rays prove helpful. Can be fatal if a rupture occurs, especially in the aorta

Trx for Aneurysm

Intermittent Claudication
(to limp)- this is pain and disability of the legs due to arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. The blood supply to the lower extremities is disrupted

S/S of Intermittent Claudication
Pain in legs when walking, poor peripheral pulses, bruits (an abnormal humming sound heard with a stethoscope over an artery)

Trx for Intermittent Claudication
Quit smoking, lower fat diet, lose weight, reduce stress, control hypertension and diabetes, and exercise. Same treatment for all arteriosclerosis.

Thrombophlebitis- DVT- Deep vein Thrombosis
Inflammation of a vein with the formation of a clot, usually in the calf

S/S of Thrombophlebitis/DVT
swelling, redness, pain in leg, leg may be pale and cool and may have diminished pulses

Tests for Thrombophlebitis/DVT
Homan’s sign, US, coagulation studies

Trx for Thrombophlebitis/DVT
Bedrest, elevation of leg, anticoagulants, warm compresses and elastic stockings

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