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The epoch that brought India into the map of cultural prominence was during the regulation of the Gupta Dynasty. The 4th and fifth century C. E. is considered as the Golden Age of India. The attainment of this Golden Age was made possible by the regulation and influence of the Gupta Dynasty. which fostered the development of both the cultural and the political might of India during its clip. The Gupta Rulers Chandragupta I. boy of Ghatotkacha. was the fist imperial swayer of the imperium situated in the North of the so India in the Vindhya Range.

By get marrieding the princess of Licchavis. he formed confederation with the kin and begun power enlargement. One of the of import administrative systems that he established during his reign was the assembly of councilors that nominated his replacement. The largest territorial enlargement of the imperium was undertaken during the reign of Samudragupta. boy of Chandragupta I. His run established the largest political unit in South Asia at that clip ( Heitzman. 2007 ) . He is considered as one of the greatest military masterminds in the history of India.

One of his noteworthy parts was the constitution of coins made of pure gold. More than an model military leader. he was besides a frequenter of the humanistic disciplines as he was a famed poet and instrumentalist. He made mintage as the expertness of his clip. Chandragupta II farther expanded the imperium through war conquerings. His power was extended from coast-to-coast ; and his reign became the economical high point of the imperium through the constitution of trading capitals. During the reign of Kumaragupta I. the Pushyamitras folk became powerful and had post menace to the imperium.

His replacement. Skandagupta. considered the last of the great Gupta swayers. defeated the folk but the district was subsequently on invaded by the White Huns. This licking signaled the start of the diminution of the imperium. The Impact of the Empire The Gupta Dynasty is extremely regarded for their parts to the humanistic disciplines and civilization of South Asia. Though the rulers’ cultural function was limited. their mintage expresses their being frequenters of the humanistic disciplines ( Heitzman. 2007 ) . Harmonizing to Hooker ( 1996 ) . the era’s cultural creativeness is exemplified in brilliant architecture. sculpture and pictures.

The pictures found in the Ajanta Cave are considered to be the most powerful plants of the Indian art. Literature besides flourished during that clip of Indian history. The Gupta Empire had produced one of the greatest authors of poesy. Kalidasa. He is known for his lyric poesy and play. non merely in India but besides in Asian and even Western circles. It is besides observed that the trading ports of the imperium made the Indian civilization dominant in the part. The period of the Gupta Dynasty was the period of “Greater India” ( Hooker. 1996 ) .

Their cultural influences were extended through Burma. Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Another cultural bequest of the dynasty is the mintage system and effectual administrative system. Their authorities was governed with merely one revenue enhancement system centralized to the imperium capital in Pataliputra. The male monarchs remained to be the vassal male monarchs where the full land was consolidated into individual administrative unit ( Hooker. 1996 ) . The epoch of the Gupta Dynasty has non merely uplifted the state politically but culturally every bit good.

It has spilled over its influence in the South Asiatic part through broad scope of trading merchandises and services. Though it was later on buried in the pages of Indian history. its bequest to the Indian state continue to this age. Its cultural heritage genuinely makes India one of the richest civilizations in the universe.


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