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What sort of materials and technology did the ancient Egyptians use to build the pyramids?
quarry stone, sledge, ramp, rope, pulleys, levers.
Who was considered the father of medicine?
What was an Egyptian king called?
Why didn’t the Egyptian language have a word for the female pharaoh?
Pharaohs were expected to be male, there were not a lot of female pharaohs.
What did Hatshepsut do to gain the loyalty of the Egyptian people?
Wore men’s clothes and a beard, made a myth, constructed an elaborate tomb, up help Egyptian rituals, made Egypt richer through trade.
What are the sources of the Nile?
Blue Nile and White Nile
Order the Egyptian Social Pyramid:
Nobles, priests, officials.
Merchants, artisans.
Farmers, slaves, servants
What was the method called that Egyptians used to preserve the body?
What was the Egyptian form of writing?
Explain what papyrus is and how it was used.
Made from papyrus reeds, paper like material used to write on.
What is the largest pyramid in Egypt and where does it stand?
Pyramid of Khufu at Giza
Why were scribes valued in ancient Egypt?
Not many Egyptians could write. Scribes could keep records and communicate information across distance and time.
Why did Pharaohs want to marry family members?
The wanted to maintain their dynasty, keep the power in the family.
What are the two calendars created by the Egyptians?
The Lunar Calendar and the Solar Calendar.
What did the Egyptians use mathematics for?
The measurements for building and constructing the pyramids and large-scale sculptures.
How were Sirius and the Nile connected?
Sirius (a star) first appeared in the morning sky every year at about the same time that the Nile flooded.
What are some of the ancient Egyptians’ early inventions that are still used today?
Eye make-up, glass, tooth-paste, tooth picks, medicine, papyrus, the calendar, breath mints, bowling, shaving and haircuts, door lock.
What were the three kingdoms in ancient Egypt?
Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom.
What is a canopic jar used for?
It held organs when people were mummified.
What is the Rosetta Stone?
A Stele that explains how to read hieroglyphics.
Name some of the Egyptian Gods:
Horus, Amon-Re, Anubis, Osiris, Isis, Geb, Thoth, Set, Montu, Sekhmet.
What was found underneath Khufu’s Great Pyramid?
A wooden boat.
What is located at Giza?
Pyramids for Khufu, Khafre, Menkaure, and the Sphinx
What is anatomy?
The study of the body and its structure and organs.
How did Egyptian writing differ from Sumerian writing?
Sumerians used cuneiform, it was triangular shapes, Egyptians used hieroglyphics, which were pictures. Hieroglyphics also had over 800 symbols, cuneiform had fewer.
Why are the pyramids considered one of ancient Egypt’s greatest achievements?
They were the largest structures on Earth, showed Egyptian skill in mathematics and engineering, required lots of planning, organization, labor, supplies, time.
What is interdependence?
Dependence by each country or group on the other.
How were Egyptian and Nubian reasons for trading with each other different?
Egypt wanted luxury goods like Nubia’s gold, Nubia needed Egypt’s grain.
Who was the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt?
Who was the first king of united Egypt?
Who was Queen Nefertiti married to?
How did Akhenaten change the religion in Egypt?
He got rid of polytheism, made the Egyptians believe in only one god, Aten the Sun god.
What was Queen Nefertiti most well known for?
Her beauty.
Who was Pharaoh Tutankhamen?
King Tut. Son of Akhenaten, step-son of Nefertiti, became pharaoh at age 9, died around age 18. New Kingdom pharaoh. He brought back polytheism. Buried in the Valley of the Kings, tomb was found well-preserved.
What was the difference between the Red Land and the Black Land?
BlackLand was called “Kemet”, floods created fertile soil here. Red Land was a vast dry desert land.

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