Anatomy and Physiology Basics Unit

What is the study of an organism’s body structures and their locations called?

What is known as the “brain” of a cell because it controls the activities of the cell?

Injecting a person with a vaccine so the body will create antibodies against a disease is an example of which type of immunity?
Artificial acquired

What group of tissue has two types, soft and hard, and holds body parts together?

Which of the following best describes cells?
The smallest structural units of living things

What type of tissue is the main tissue in the skin and the lining of body cavities?

Body systems working together to combat pathogens are examples of which type of immunity?

What type of tumors is called cancer?

What are the small structures in a cell’s cytoplasm that help the cell to function?

What is the body’s ability to resist invaders and the diseases they cause?

In humans, how many chromosomes are in each cell after mitosis?

A system is a collection of _______ and other body parts that work together to carry out one of the body’s major functions.

What is the sum of all chemical reactions within a cell?

What is atrophy?
A decrease in size of cells

What is called the “powerhouse” of a cell because it breaks down nutrients to help make the major energy source of the cell?

What is the study of the functions of each body part called?

In humans, how many chromosomes are in each gamete after meiosis?

What is metastasis?
When malignant tumors spread to other parts of the body

What term refers to keeping a state of balance in the body?

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