Anaphora and Parallelism by Keith Gessen

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Analytical Essay In the passage from “Polar Express”, author Keith Sense Intends to signify the meaning of boredom. He uses syntax, anaphora and parallelism to successfully convey this. Sense’s utilization of syntax punctuates the meaning of boredom. Sense uses specific, detailed descriptions In the text to express how Intuitive the speaker has become of Insignificant objects because of his boredom. He writes, “Boredom Is staring for hours at the smooth, mirror-Like water, hoping to catch a glimpse of something, anything. This word choice adds detail and draws the reader o believe the speaker is desperate for something to Interest him from his boredom. “Boredom is watching other people play Spider Solitaire in the race room. The ship’s champion was Vladimir. ” this language is intended for the reader to have a humorous understanding for the speaker’s desperate attempt to entertain himself by subjecting himself with pointless activities.

The use of anaphora is used throughout the passage. Sense continuously begins his sentences with “Boredom is… ” To emphasize the meaning of the word with repetition while stating different acts that are influenced by his boredom. This states the purpose of the passage throughout the writing. Sense uses parallelism in a moment to broaden even more the amount of boredom the speaker is feeling. Boredom is not Just showing up exactly on time for nightly Ping-Pong tournament but holding a clandestine practice session during the afternoon. ” The parallel antithesis clarifies that the speaker is voluntarily spending a large amount of time on a task simply because he has nothing else to do. All in all, Keith Sense’s writing stays realistic, sarcastic, casual and humorous, as he rhetoric to maintain a sense of satire and discouragement.

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