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With increased knowledge and application of technology, use of machines in organisations has been adopted. This has been in production processes, communication, in the accounting function as well as in processing. Machines usually conduct the same work as what human beings can do and have reduced the workload to a great extent. Use of automated machines have helped carry out tasks in a very fast rate and such repetitive jobs that had created job monotony has been dealt with at the work place. Machines however do not work without the control of human beings.

They are at times faulty and need trouble shooting skills so as to restart the machines. Robots have also been adopted as is witnessed in loading and off loading of goods in manufacturing industries. The transfer of goods from one region to another has been possible with much ease and using less time and energy on the part of the workers. Machines such as computer have also been used and communication has been made easier with the use of e-mail where different details can be passed on to several persons in an efficient manner. This has also come with the use of telephones and

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mobile phones.

These channels have enhanced internal and external communication within large and small organisations. It is however the duty of the employees to operate the machines using the operation manuals and follow instructions carefully since such machines is expensive to install and maintain. They are also supposed to have control over the machines by performing quality control measures that check on the accuracy of machines. They should strive to know the principles that operate in these machines and in such a manner, they will be able to rectify errors that the may occur with the machine.

Having control over the machine is an important aspect because power failure is not new and can occur at any time in any organisation. This translates to say that no process should be stopped when machines go off. In fact manual processors should be well known by worker so that they do not seem to be working under the control and influence of machines. It is very easy to work under the control of the machine especially due to over reliance and use of the instrument.

Workers are therefore supposed to have good knowledge of the machines used and should be under the training and development programme so that they can learn of new advancement in technology. This is usually through the effort of the personnel function that should organise for training and development of workers from time to time. Standard operating procedures need to be applied during each process so that quality is maintained at all times. Psychic metaphor In an organisation it is a metaphor that requires psychoanalytical principles of consciousness and unconsciousness.

This is demonstrated largely by the decision making process where various aspects of human needs are to be respected. One among them is the social nature of human beings. It is therefore the duty of the human resource manager to create a social environment for workers so that they can associate and make welfare groups. It is said that it relieves social pressures especially when workers have an opportunity to share their problems with other colleagues. It is against all odds for the management to deny this social right because it is very natural as human beings are said to be social beings.

Supervision is another psychic prison metaphor in which leadership comes with powers and hence the hierarchy from supervisors to top management. For workers to be motivated in their work, they are in dire need of friendly supervision. This creates confidence to employees. Insults and making judgement and rude gestures on employees can be very demoralising and cause low esteem to the workers to a very large extent. This usually translates to the inability of the employee to give their maximum potential in the job given to them.

It is necessary also to involve workers so that they participate in decision-making. This is a conscious effort that appreciates the fact that even after a decision is passed it affects the employee directly or indirectly. At this juncture, they need to be involved so that they give their view before final passing of decisions are done. This is a motivating factor in which the needs and rights of employees are met and taken care of. Such involvement also results in to less resistance especially to decisions that are made and to the rules passed.

In such a case the workers are able to embrace the rules with much acceptance than resistance. When organisational goals are set, there is always a way that is found be easy and achievable in obtaining these objectives. Management, through consultative forums should discuss these ways to evaluate if they are ethically acceptable and if they are achievable with the available labour. Work and working conditions also calls for a favourable environment, with ample security and protection to all workers. The needs of the employees are taken into consideration so that they can give the best to the organisation.

The duration of time for working should not stretch them to their last energy but should rather have some time for relaxing. All the allowances allocated to each group of employees should be given in due time so that they enjoy the benefit of working for the organisation. Job opportunities should be available to all potential candidates. This means that, they are taken by merit and as per the qualifications specified. In many organisations, favours and corrupt deals with the selecting committee usually happen and this denies others the opportunity to rightly have the chance to work for the company.

This can be very costly as the reputation of the organisation is bound to go down. Special considerations should be made for the less privileged to include the handicapped, small ethnic groups and women. Employees with special needs such as the handicapped and especially those using wheel chairs should not be given duties that require moving up and down the corridors or on the stairs cases. Human nature must be the guiding factor in the psychiatric prison metaphor. Any promotion opportunities should not favour any target person or groups of people but rather should be justified upon some merit.

It could be performance based or through experience but in whichever way, the human resource personnel should ensure that it is a genuine promotion. Organisations also need to meet with the challenge of change in technology. They should be able to embrace change and learn from it because it is an advancement that can bring more benefit to the organisation and the society at large. Change in ideas, technologies, beliefs and other factor that hold back an organisation, should be adopted so that they can grow and also remains relevant and competitive in the market.

The concern of employees also needs to be addressed from time to time so that they can work maximally without any interruptions. The organisation and its employees should be environmentally cautious so that they do not pollute it through damping, discharging or leakage of dangerous substance to the environment. They should not also risk the life of employees and safety measures should be available to them at all times. In the case of Wal-Mart, the founder advised his associates to be friendly and show concern with the customers by maintaining an eye contact, offer greetings and giving assistance whenever needed.

This way he thought that their personality levels would be improved and they would gain leadership skills to become better employees who would not be overwhelmed in case they rose to higher positions or ranks in the company. http://walmartstores. com/ Political metaphor Political influence was also an evident exercise as democracy showed that they actually had issues with the ideas of the hidden costs that the company had. Bad information by the press only workhttp://walmartstores. com/ ed to tarnish the company’s reputation even when there could be potential market.

More often than not organisations are under the influenced of politicians and at times operate due to their political influence. Various operations bring conflicts due to the diversity of interest and goals. Certain personalities in the political arena usually have some manipulation on an organisation. During such times, the structure of the organisation is affected and this usually affects top management mostly with major posts being given to those with some political influence and interest. Leaders in any government set up may have some powers that they use to mobilize a working group in an organisation.

They can be of influence and especially lead to strike or go-slows of workers within an organisation. The political metaphor so much influences the organisational practises and this can ultimately ruin or be a strong hold to an organisation. Almost every detail either an appointments, profit making, loss, financial accounts and so on are usually politicised. Even a small venture that was meant to be of benefit the organisation is likely to be politicised and ignored. Political influence especially on leaders are importance aspects that determine the strength and stability of an organisation.

However, greed and self-centredness that emanates from such leaders should be checked because this can gradually cost the whole organisation. As a human resource manager, care should be taken so that the issues and concern of the workers are addressed in good time so that strikes can be avoided. Their grievances should be looked in to very keenly and resolved within reasonable time and create teamwork. Walton, the company’s founder disliked the labour unions and avoided them as much as possible so that he would prevent increased pays. He was for the idea of paying his employees not anything more than he was actually expected to pay.

He ensured effective communication with all his employees whom he saw as well as those he termed as associates in business. His profit sharing approach made many of his employees to remain loyal to the company. http://walmartstores. com/ Wal-Mart fought criticism from unions as it took political debate. In some cases the spin doctors criticized and described it as a greedy corporation that had no welfare scheme for its workers. The Democratic Party also had claimed that big checks were written to bush white house. Cultural metaphor Culture is what we live on. An organisation as Wal-Mart also has a culture.

Behaviour and norms in an organisation form the basis of their culture. Organisational culture would range from the buildings, portraits, and tree planting activities among others. There are values and beliefs that keep an organisation growing and these are the core issues that make an organization survive. Culture is passed from generation to generation and in such a case succession planning helps achieve the best for an organisation. There are cultures in which employees are given breaks, leaves and also participate in annual events and this builds teamwork and increased cohesiveness of the workforce.

Drama festivals, sports, inter-organisational competitions and other recreational activities are some of those cultures that look into the welfare of its employees and the society at large. Good and quality leadership is needed for an organisational culture to last from time to time. Different rituals in an organisation are part of culture and for example cueing for pay rolls for workers is a culture that has been used over a long period and so need change due to the technological advancement.

Wal-Mart also has movies and entertainment culture that attracts many customers to the organisation. It also has a culture of efficiency in customer service, teamwork and also entrepreneurship. The corporate culture in Wal-Mart also provides a competitive advantage because of its relentless profit driven focus. Wal-Mart’s organizational culture entails the everyday hard work as well as the friendly associates. It has three basic beliefs that are internalized by all people. One of the m is respect for the individual and this entails the respect of associate’s opinion.

Further more, managers are considered as servant leaders who are out to assist new associates to realize their potential through motivation or encouragement, training and constructive feedback. Associates have a chance to question or raise concerns regarding the company. It is important to note that vertical organisational communication is allowed. http://walmartstores. com/ The second belief is that the customer is the boss and it is therefore the duty of all employees to offer services to the customers. Innovation is highly encouraged to ensure that shopping at Wal-Mart is friendly and pleasant to keep the customers coming.

Employees have a duty of ensuring that customers are delighted and contented with the services that hey are provided with. Finally all employees are expected to strive for excellence at all times. They are to give their best to get the best Wal-Mart could possibly offer them. The ten-foot rule, a culture initiated by the founder, is where associates are expected to smile, look at the customer’s eye and greet them whenever they are within a 10 feet distance. The open door culture ensures there is open communication which is crucial in understanding both the associates’ needs as well as the customers’ needs.

http://walmartstores. com/ Policy recommendation The organization usually finds a way that it maintains good business relations as well as good employer-employee relations throughout their business interactions. This can be achieved through setting up policies that look into the needs of employees, the society, the environment, the government and other stakeholders. Through such policies, they have a guideline in which they operate and manage their operations. These are for example, employment policies which give details on the terms and conditions o f employment and also guard against discrimination among the candidates.

It also entails living wage policies, foreign policies and anti-discrimination policies that are essential guidelines to proper running of an organisation. Policies that govern the smooth running of an organisation require the participation of employees so that they can exercise some decision-making skills. An organisation should allocate enough resources to cater for recruitment and selection process. After the induction training and working with the organisations, training and development should be a priority of the organisation so that they maintain competent and relevant employees.

This is also important especially after installation of new machines. Hands on experience and operation should be the aim of all employees so that they are well constant with running of machines. A policy needs to be set so that employees are in a forum in which they are able to address grievances and other suggestions, which may be of benefits to the organisation. Management of staff requires competent personnel who can solve amicably the grievances of employees. In the same breath, participation of employees should be enhanced so that even in decision making their needs are addressed. Motivation is the driving factor in most employees.

This is attributed to fair pay, welfare schemes, friendly supervision, medical cover, safety measures as well as a favourable environment for workers to perform their duties. In my view, such concerns should be looked in to with great emphasis so that the outcome of increased production can be realized. The weakness in Wal-Mart included the response to statements, long lines, failure to post prices and lack of formal mission statements. Conclusion In striving for excellence continuous improvement, result oriented, integrity, competitiveness, compliance with the law and sustainability are some of the values advocated for.

In offering services to the customers associates are expected to create a friendly environment, then, it is vital to ensure that shopping is attractive or pleasant where urgency and satisfaction are well addressed. Associates should always be quality focussed and be mindful to their environment or surrounding. If the human resource function is not strengthened, in practising his or her profession, then the organizations greatest source of labour in form of employees is at risk of suffering. This can lead to low esteem and the output in the company deteriorates gradually.

Labour wastage can also lead to an extra expense as more funds are allocated to recruitment and selection processes. There is a danger in this as the organizational reputation may be affected and as a result customer confidence and loyalty is compromised. It is the duty of the management to ensure that all the needs of the workers are addressed. The company should also be ready, through the human resource manager, to have a succession plan so that competent and experienced persons can take positions in the company and be able to pass on the organisation culture to new employees

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