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The character of Hamlet has many different perspectives and faces to him. Through the play he Is portrayed as crazy, a mastermind and completely sane. He has many flaws as well as many admirable qualities to him but in the end his demise Is Inevitable. Hamlet may be acting crazy but he does so for a cause to fool others into thinking he Is mad so they do not suspect him. He Is cunning and a genius because no one suspects that he plotting a revenge against Claudia for murdering his father. He is moral, thoughtful, forgiving, determined, diplomatic and attentive.

These qualities make him a loved prince by the people of Denmark, but he also has tragic flaws. His inability to act, or hesitation makes his plan backfire on him. After many attempts of revenge, Claudia eventually figures out that Hamlet is plotting against him. He hires Reassurance and Guilelessness and Polonium helps him spy on Hamlet to affirm his suspicions of his insanity. It is obvious that Hamlet truly loved his father because It seems to him that he Is the only one that still mourns him even though everyone else should be as well since he recently passed.

However, his death as overshadowed by the wedding of Gertrude and Claudia. His only goal Is to avenge his father’s death and although he takes his time, In the end he accomplishes his goal even though he gives up his life doing so. HIS admirable qualities are most highlighted in the last scene as he is dying. When Alerter is dying he pleas Hamlet for forgiveness, “It is a poison tempered by himself. ‘ Exchange forgiveness with me, Noble Hamlet. ‘ Mine and my father’s death come not upon thee, nor thin on mine” (V. Ii. 360-63). Hamlet then responds “Heaven make thee free of it.

I follow thee. (V. Ii. 364). He is forgiving even to the one who stabs him with the poisoned sword. As he is dying he leaves Denmark in charge of Young Formations instead of Horopito who is his best friend. This shows that he is diplomatic because he could leave Denmark In the hands of his best friend or someone he knows will rule Justly and that will make Denmark better. As mentioned before, Hamlet is a genius. He only feigns Insanity to mislead others. No one suspects of a mad man which Is why he must put on this farce to carry out his revenge.

It Is perfectly believable too because e just lost his father and his mother remarried her brother-in-law only a month after the death of her husband. Although many critics may believe that Hamlet became truly insane after faking it for so long, it is clear in his soliloquy in act three, scene one that he is completely sane. He contemplates on suicide but then realizes that he if commits this sin he will go to hell, therefore he opts not to do such an act. This is why he is called the most intelligent character in all of literature because he fakes insanity to reach his optimal goal. He purposely tells Reassurance and

Guilelessness that he is only mad sometimes, he purposely makes the players perform The Murder of Gonzalez for Claudia to make him feel guilt. He also acts extremely crazy when talking to Aphelia because he knows that Polonium Is spying on them. This feigned melancholy adds complexity to his character by Illustrating that Hamlet Is capable of Eng while still remaining moral. He chooses not to kill “And so he goes to Heaven” (Ill. Iii. 79). Other than the fact that Claudia will go to heaven, Hamlet cannot bring himself to kill him because it is against his morals, which is why it takes him so long to finally achieve revenge.

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