An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications Chapter 1

A strategic business process used to develop, execute, and evaluate coordinated, measurable, persuasive brand communications programs over time with consumers, customers, prospects, employees, associates, and other targeted relevant external and internal audiences.
Integrated Marketing Communications
What is the goal of IMC?
generate short-term financial returns and build long-term brand and shareholder value
is a combination of many factors, including the name, logo, symbols, design, packaging, product or service performance, and image of associations in the customers minds.
brand identity
the coordination of all seller-initiated efforts to set up channels of information and persuasion in order to sell goods and services or promote an idea.
the tools used to accomplish an organization’s communications objective; includes advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, publicity/public relations, and personal selling
promotional mix
Any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service, or idea by an identified sponsor.
Advertising done by large companies on a nationwide basis or in most regions of the country. Most of the ads for well-known companies and brands that are seen on prime-time TV or in other major national or regional media are examples of national advertising.
National Advertising
Advertising done by retailers or local merchants to encourage consumers to shop at a specific store, use a local service, or patronize a particular establishment.
Retail/Local Ad.
Designed to stimulate demand for the general product class or entire industry.
Primary-demand advertising
Focuses on creating demand for a specific company’s brands.
Selective-Demand Advertising
What are the two classifications of advertising?
advertising to consumer markets and advertising to business and professional markets
Three types of advertising to consumers markets
national ad, retail/local ad., primary vs. selective demand ad
three types of advertising to business and professional markets
b-2-b ad, professional ad, trade ad
Advertising targeted at individuals who buy or influence the purchase of industrial goods or services for their companies.
b-2-b ad
Advertising targeted to professionals such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, or professors to encourage them to use a company’s product in their business operations.
professional ad
Advertising targeted to marketing channel members such as wholesales, distributors, and retailers.
Trade ad
A system of marketing by which an organization communicates directly with customers to generate a response and/or transaction.
Direct marketing
Marketing activities that provide extra value or incentives to the sales force, distributors, or the ultimate consumer and can stimulate immediate sales.
Sales promotion
non-personal communications regarding an organization, product, service, or idea not directly paid for or run under identified sponsorship.
The management function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or organization with the public interest, and executes a program to earn public understanding and acceptance.
public relations
what are the three IMC audience contact tools?
company created touch points, intrinsic touch points, unexpected touch point
A written document that describes the overall marketing strategy and programs developed for an organization, a particular product line, or a brand.
marketing plan
what 5 things does the marketing plan contain?
A detailed situational analysis, Specific marketing objectives, A marketing strategy and program, A program for implementing the marketing strategy, A process for monitoring and evaluating performance and providing feedback

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