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Nowadays, the Internet presents a challenge to the billion-dollar International Marketing Industry. The Internet promises to change the way international marketing research is done.

Even if it will not revolutionalize this business, the Internet will almost certainly provide a new tool for collecting, analyzing, and reporting information. While the Internet may not affect the problem definition, design, and analysis stages of international marketing research studies, it can affect the middle stages of data collection and tabulation in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.Hence, every facet of conventional marketing strategy is challenged by this evolving communication potential of the internet. Most businesses around the globe have been rushing to the Internet at an incredible pace, in hopes of “striking it rich,” by marketing over the Internet. This mandates that businesses must develop new, or at least revised methods of international marketing.

In this proposal, parallel Web-based and telephone surveys with matched questions will be conducted concurrently to compare and contrast these techniques. Research GapBecause of the explosive development of business in this area, research should be undertaken about how the World Wide Web is actually used for marketing purposes today, and even more research should be about how it should be used. While most observers agree that the Web has given an enormous potential as a commercial medium, there is still widespread disagreement about how this medium is developing and what business should do to exploit this development. Further, Internet International Marketing has already gained wide acceptance in internet research.

In fact, in the year 2000, Hogg (2002) stated that an estimated on-line research spending had reached $461 million globally, up from under $3 million U. S. spending in 1994. The researchers further predicted &1,000 million spending in 2007.

Hence, the researcher concluded that the internet resources are so vast as to be well beyond the comprehension of a single human being. Not only is there not one who understands all of the Internet, there is not one who even understands most of the Internet (Benson, 2000).Therefore, this thesis seeks to add knowledge and discovery to the seemingly limitless possibilities for international marketing on the Internet. Research Questions The major purpose of this study is to analyze the Internet as an international marketing tool. Thus, the objective of this proposal is to gain an in-depth understanding on the use of internet in marketing and what the general strengths and weaknesses of the Internet as a marketing tool are.Hence, the following questions will be addressed: 1.

What issues surround Internet marketing? 2. What are the current client opinions of agency involvement levels for internet marketing and business activities? 3. What guidelines should be used for designing international marketing Internet research?Research Objectives The purpose of this proposal is therefore to: · explore some of the strengths and weaknesses of this new medium as a vehicle for international marketing research. Research Method This study will be conducted both in a traditional research fashion (i. e. telephone surveying with a pre-faxed questionnaire if respondents requested it) and via the Internet.

The respondent will pick the method according to his or her preference. A description of the method to be use is divided into the following six subsections: 1. Study information 2. Methodology 3.

Sample 4. Technology 5. Privacy

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