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An advertising principle may involve different approaches according to how information is intended to be disseminated. Apart from the usual goal of attracting consumers, there are hidden concept frameworks which are attributed to learning. The advertisement in reference based on classical conditioning is the TV trailer of the movie Transformers. In this aspect, the TV spot is intertwined with the already popular series Heroes which basically becomes the second stimulus to complete the notion of conditioning.

In classical conditioning, there is a need to have at least two compatible stimuli in order for one of them to work as independent conditioning factors (SBB, 1996). In the case of the Transformers advertisement, viewers become too much engaged in the TV series Heroes which becomes the first stimulus. Since the TV program has a significant follower from the audience block belonging in the younger generations, the Transformers TV spot will have a very satisfying effect if included in any pre-airing or post-airing of the series.

This way, classical conditioning can be identified. Whenever, the viewers will be watching the TV series, they will have a pre-conditioned notion that they will again see the TV ad of the Transformers movie. More often, movie spots are always shown in partnership with a specific hit TV series as a form of advertisement. This conditions the mindset of the people that the characteristic of the TV series they are watching will have a corresponding movie ad in them. For the operant learning ad example, the one in reference is the Pepsi advertisement.

In the ad, there is no single prior proof that the commercial is about the cola product. This becomes the main characteristic of the operant learning procedure. In this manner, there is a complete utilization of the concept response-stimulus. The viewer had no previous idea that the ad is about the soft drink brand. What the advertisers did is to present first a stimulus of unknown concept by exposing very little relationship of the pictures according to the already perceived knowledge of the audiences.

Of course it was very obvious that the sequence was shot in the Far Eastern location but that effect as a stimulus do not project initially the type of sequences to follow. Thus it provides a response effect of curiosity among the viewers which will then become engaged to watch it and complete the ad until the brand item is presented. The last in reference is the ad pertaining to the deaths of babies due to diarrhea. The cognitive type of learning is very evident in this advertising module because of the absence of words explanations.

The visuals make it already available for the viewer to understand what is being advertised. Cognitive learning is a procedure in which one tends to incorporate every aspect of information acquired by the five senses (Think Quest). The information are then rearranged or patterned in a single concept to produce a type of detail in understanding a notion. In the referenced ad, there are visuals of babies in cribs together with pictures of coffin like figures. Of course, there is no hospital which would put a coffin side by side with a baby.

In this aspect comes the notion of cognitive learning since the viewer may easily pull out from his previous experience that coffins represent death. In which case, he will then get the understanding that the ad is all about infant mortality due to a certain disease. Learning patterns have a complete influence on how advertisements will become effective. These principles are primarily used by ad creators to acquire greater audience shares.


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