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21. The leader of the Irish National Theater Movement in the early twentieth century was ______ . A. W. B. Yeats B. Lady Gregory C. J. M. Synge D. John Galworthy 22. T. S. Eliot’s most popular poetry drama is ______ . A. Murder in the Cathedral B. The Cocktail Party C. The Family Reunion D. The Waste Land 23. The American author ______ was awarded the Nobel Prize for the anti-racist In- truder in the Dust in 1950. A. Ernest Hemingway B. Gertrude Stein C. William Faulkner D. T. S. Eliot 24.

Hemingway’s 2nd large success is ______ . which wrote the epitaph to a decennary and to the whole coevals in the 1920s. in order to state us a narrative about the tragic love matter of a hurt American soldier with a British nurse. A. For Whom the Bell Tolls B. A Farewell to Arms C. The Sun Besides Rises D. The Old Man and the Sea 25. With the publication of ______ . Dreiser was establishing himself upon a long calling that would finally do him one of the most important American authors of the school subsequently known as literary naturalism. A. Sister Carrie B. The Titan C. The Genius D. The Stoic.

26. Henry James is by and large regarded as the precursor of the twentieth -century “stream -of-consciousness”novels and the laminitis of ______ . A. neoclassicism B. psychological pragmatism C. psychoanalytical unfavorable judgment D. surrealism 27. In 1849. Herman Melville published ______ . a semi-autobiographical novel. con- cerning the agonies of a genteel young person among barbarous crewmans. A. Omoo B. Mardi C. Redburn D. Typee 28. As a subsequence to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. ______ marks the flood tide of Mark Twain’s literary activity. A. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn B. Life on the Mississippi C. The Gilded Age D.

Rough ining It 29. Realism was a reaction against ______ or a move off from the prejudice towards love affair and self- making fictions. and paved the manner to Modernism. A. Romanticism B. Rationalism C. Post-modernism D. Cynicism 30. When World War II broke out. ______ began working for the Italian authorities. engaged in some wireless broadcasts of anti- Semitism and pro- Fascism. A. Ezra Pound B. T. S. Eliot C. Henry James D. Robert Frost 31. In 1915 ______ became a established British citizen. mostly in protest against America’s failure to fall in England in the First World War. A. Henry James B. T. S. Eliot.

C. W. D. Howells D. Ezra Pound 32. What Whitman prefers for his new topic and new poetic feelings is “______ . ” that is. poesy without a fixed round or regular rime strategy. A. clean poetry B. free beat C. balanced construction D. free poetry 33. The American adult female poet ______ wanted to populate merely as a complete independent being. and so she did. as a old maid. A. Emily Shaw B. Anna Dickinson C. Emily Dickinson D. Anne Bret 34. The Birthmark drives place symbolically ______ point that immorality is a man’s nevus. something he was born with. A. Whitman’s B. Melville’s C. Hawthorne’s D. Emerson’s 35.

The Financier. The Titan and The Stoic written by ______ are called his “Trilogy of Desire” . A. Henry James B. Theodore Dreiser C. Mark Twain D. Herman Melville 36. Ignoring grammar and punctuation. ______ ever used “i” alternatively of “I” in his verse form to demo his protest against ego. A. Wallace Stevens B. Ezra Pound C. Robert Frost D. E. E. Cummings 37. Though Robert Frost is by and large considered a regional poet whose capable affairs chiefly focus on the landscape and people in ______ . he wrote many verse forms that investigate the basic subjects of man’s life in his long poetic calling.

A. the West B. the south C. New England D. Alaska 38. Most critics have agreed that Fitzgerald is both an insider and an foreigner of ______ with a dual vision. A. the Gilded Age B. the Rational Age C. the Jazz Age D. the Magic Age 39. In the American Romantic Hagiographas. ______ came to work about as a dramatic character that symbolized moral jurisprudence. A. fire B. H2O C. trees D. wilderness 40. The desire for an flight from society and a return to ______ became a lasting convention of the American literature. A. the household life B. nature C. the ancient clip D.

phantasy of love 21. The Renaissance marks a passage from ______ to the modern universe. A. the old English B. the medieval C. the feudalist D. the capitalist 22. The great political and societal events in the English society of neoclassical period were the undermentioned EXCEPT ______ . A. the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660 B. the Great Plague of 1665 C. the Great London Fire in 1666 D. the Wars of Roses in 1689 23. With the vermilion missive A as the biggest symbol of all. ______ proves himself to be one of the best symbolists. A. Hawthorne B. Dreiser C. James D. Faulkner 24.

The writer of Leaves of Grass. a giant of American letters. is ______ . A. Faulkner B. Dreiser C. James D. Whitman 25. In Tender is the Night. ______ traces the diminution of a immature American head-shrinker whose matrimony to a beautiful and affluent patient drains his personal energies and corrodes his professional calling. A. Dreiser B. Faulkner C. Fitzgerald D. Jack London 26. Melville is best – known as the writer of his mighty book. ________ . which is one of the world’ s greatest chef-d’oeuvres. A. Song of Myself B. Moby – Dick C. The Marble Faun D. Mosses from an Old Manse 27.

The subject of Henry James’ essay “______” clearly indicates that the purpose of the novel is to present life. so it is non surprising to happen in his Hagiographas human experiences explored in every possible signifier. A. The American B. The Europeans C. The Art of Fiction D. The Golden Bowl 28. During WWI. ______ served as an honest junior officer in the American Red Cross Ambulance Corps and in 1918 was badly wounded in both legs. A. Anderson B. Faulkner C. Hemingway D. Dreiser 29. In order to protest against America’ s failure to fall in England in WWI. ______ became a established British citizen in 1915. A.

William Faulkner B. Henry James C. Earnest Hemingway D. Ezra Pound 30. Robert Frost described ______as “a book of people. ” which shows a superb penetration into New England character and the background that formed it. A. North of Boston B. A Boy’s Will C. A Witness Tree D. A Further Range 31. We can easy happen in Dreiser’ s fiction a universe of jungle. and ______ found look in about every book he wrote. A. naturalism B. romanticism C. transcendental philosophy D. cubism 32. As an active participant of his age. Fitzgerald is frequently acclaimed literary spokesman of the ______ . A. Jazz Age B. Age of Reason C.

Lost Generation D. Beat Generation 33. From the first fresh Sister Carrie on. Dreiser set himself to project the American values for what he had found them to be: ______ to the nucleus. A. selfless B. political C. spiritual D. mercenary 34. The twentieth -century stream- of- consciousness technique was often and skilfully used by ______ to stress the reactions and interior contemplations of the storyteller. A. Hemingway B. Frost C. Faulkner D. Whitman 35. With the aid of his friends Phil Stone and Sherwood Anderson. ______ published a volume of poesy The Marble Faun and his first fresh Soldiers’ Pay. A. Faulkner B.

Hemingway C. Ezra Pound D. Fitzgerald 36. The Sun Besides Rises dramatis personaes light on a whole coevals after WWI and the effects of the war by manner of a graphic portrayal of “______ . ” A. the Beat Generation B. the Lost Generation C. the Babybooming Age D. the Jazz Age 37. Within her small lyrics Dickinson references those issues that concern ______ . which include faith. decease. immorality. love and nature. A. the whole human existences B. the frontiers C. the African Americans D. her relations 38. H. L. Mencken. a celebrated American critic. considered ______ “the true male parent of our national literature. ” A. Hamlin Garland B.

Joseph Kirkland C. Mark Twain D. Henry James 39. In his poesy. Whitman shows concern for ______ and the burgeoning life of metropoliss. A. the settlers B. the capitalists C. the whole difficult -working people D. the intellectuals 40. In 1837. ______ published Twice – Told Tales. a aggregation of short narratives which attracted critical attending. A. Emerson B. Melville C. Whitman D. Hawthorne 21. The work ________ by William Blake is a lovely volume of verse forms. showing a happy universe. though non without its immoralities and agonies. A. Songs of Innocence B. Songs of Experience C. Poetical Sketches D. Lyrical Ballads 22.

The dramas known as “the Lawrence trilogy” are all the following EXCEPT ________ . A. A Collier’ s Friday Night B. Lady Chatterley’ s Lover C. The Daughter – in – Law D. The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyed 23. Greatly and for good affected by the ________ experiences. Hemingway formed his ain authorship manner. together with his subject and hero. A. mining B. farming C. war D. sailing 24. “The self-respect of motion of an iceberg is due to merely one -eighth of it being above H2O. ” This “iceberg” analogy about prose manner was put frontward by ________ . A. William Faulkner B. Henry James C. Ernest Hemingway D. F·Scott Fitzgerald.

25. In Go Down. Moses. ________ illuminates the job of black and white in Southern society as a close- knit fate of blood brotherhood. A. William Faulkner B. Jack London C. Herman Melville D. Nathaniel Hawthorne 26. In Death in the Afternoon ________ presents his doctrine about life and decease through the word picture of the corrida as a sort of microcosmic calamity. A. William Faulkner B. Jack London C. Ernest Hemingway D. Mark Twain 27. William Faulkner one time said that ________ is a narrative of “lost artlessness. ” which proves itself to be an intensification of the subject of imprisonment in the yesteryear.

A. The Great Gatsby B. The Sound and the Fury C. Absalom. Absalom! D. Go Down. Moses 28. Walt Whitman believed. by agencies of “________ . ” he has turned poesy into an unfastened field. an country of critical possibility where the reader can let his ain imaginativeness to play. A. free poetry B. rigorous poetry C. regular riming D. standardized riming 29. Herman Melville’s 2nd celebrated work. ________ . was non published until 1924. 33 old ages after his decease. A. Pierre B. Redburn C. Moby-Dick D. Billy Budd 30. In 1920. ________ published his first novel This Side of Paradise which was. to some extent. his ain narrative. A.

F·Scott Fitzgerald B. Ernest Hemingway C. William Faulkner D. Emily Dickinson 31. Unlike his coevalss in the early twentieth century. ________ did non interrupt up with the poetic tradition nor made any experiment on signifier. A. Walt Whitman B. Robert Frost C. Ezra Pound D. T. S. Eliot 32. While Mark Twain seemed to hold paid more attending to the “life” of the Americans. ________ had seemingly laid a greater accent on the “inner world” of adult male. A. William Howells B. Henry James C. Bret Harte D. Hamlin Garland 33. At the age of 80 -seven. ________ read his poesy at the startup of President John F.

Kennedy in 1961. A. Robert Frost B. Walt Whitman C. Ezra Pound D. T. S. Eliot 34. Of all Herman Melville’s sea escapade narratives. ________ proves to be the best. A. Typee B. Redburn C. Moby – DickD. Omoo 35. Man is a “victim of forces over which he has no control. ” This is a impression held strongly by ________ . A. Robert Frost B. Theodore Dreiser C. Henry James D. Hamlin Garland 36. With the publication of ________ . Theodore Dreiser was establishing himself upon a long calling that would finally do him one of the most important American authors of the school subsequently known as literary naturalism.

A. Sister Carrie B. The Titan C. An American Tragedy D. The Stoic 37. Nathaniel Hawthorne was affected by ________’s transcendentalist theory and struck up a really intimate relationship with him. A. H. W. Longfellow B. Walt Whitman C. R. W. Emerson D. Washington Irving 38. Among the following authors ________ is by and large regarded as the precursor of the twentieth -century “stream – of – consciousness” novels and the laminitis of psychological pragmatism. A. T. S. Eliot B.

James Joyce C. William Faulkner D. Henry James 39. Walt Whitman wrote down a great many verse forms to aerate his sorrow for the decease of President ______ . and one of the celebrated is “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’ d. ” A. Washington B. Lincoln C. Franklin D. Kennedy 40. The Marble Faun by Nathaniel Hawthorne. a love affair set in______ . is concerned about the dark aberrances of the human spirit. A. France B. Spain C. England D. Italy [ movie ] [ movie ] [ movie ] [ movie ] [ movie ] [ movie ]

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