Ambush Marketing

Direct Ambush Activites
When a brand intentionally tries to make itself seem associated with an event or property for which it has purchased no rights and is not an official sponsor.
Indirect Ambushes
The intentional association of a brand with an event or property through suggestion or indirect reference. Doesn’t take into account the rivals involvement
Incidental Ambushing
consumers think that a brand is a sponsor or is associated with an event or property without any attempt on the brands part to establish such a connection.
Predatory Ambushing
Intentionally attacking a rival’s official sponsorship in effort to gain market share and to confuse the consumers as to who the official sponsor is
Coattail Ambushing
The attempt by a brand to directly associate itself with a property or event by using a legitimate link other than becoming an official sponsor of the property or event.
Property infringement
The intentional unauthorized us of protected intellectual property
marketing activities by an official sponsor above and beyond what has been agreed on in the sponsorship contract.
Associative Ambushing
The use of imagery or terminology to create an allusion that an organization has links to a sporting event or property
Distractive Ambushing
Setting up a promotional presence at or near an event without making specific reference to the event itself, it’s imagery or themes in order to intrude upon public consciousness and gain awareness from the event’s audience.
Values Ambushing
The use of an event or property’s central value or theme to imply an association with the property in the mind of the consumer.
Insurgent Ambushing
The use of surprise street-style promotions at or near an event.
Parallel Property Ambushing
The creation or sponsorship of an event or property that is somehow related to the ambush target and competes with it for the public’s attention.
Unintentional Ambushing
Sometimes media coverage will mention equipment or clothing used by an athlete, or a company that is providing a service in support of an event. Consumers can come away thinking the company is an official sponsor of the event.
Saturation Ambushing
Saturation ambushing increase their advertising and marketing at the time of an event, but make no reference to the event itself and avoid any associative images or suggestion.
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