Aluminum Option

Properties of Aluminum
-is a soft metal with a low density
-it has many strong alloys
-reacts readily with oxygen to for an oxide layer that is non-porous to water and prevents further attack and oxidation unlike iron
-oxide coating is about 10^-6mm think
-melts at 2045C
Uses of Aluminum
-structural and decorative metal
-electric conductor in high-voltage transmission lines
-competes with copper because of the low density and cost
Other uses
– saucepans and aircraft/vehicle bodywork
-thickness of the oxide layer is 10^-3mm thick
– making aluminum anode during electrolysis of sulfiric acid
– anodizing process carried out in the presence of dyes
-absorbed by oxide layer giving oxide coating colors
Oxide Coating
-position aluminum is electrochemical series/electrode potential
-should react readily w/dilute acids to make hydrogen gas

-thin layer of oxide non-porous to water which prevents oxidation

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