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The 30% equity is a form of Collateral Security as well as the Repayment Guarantee and would exit upon the settlement of interest-free 70% principal amount. Tu-E capital world group / Bertha would respond to any letter of interest within 7 days stating the approved financial assistance amount. Let is an Official reply known as corporate ready, willing and able (CRAW) stating Tu-E Capital Bertha current financing strength and capability, under paragraph I. Engagement fees is stated in the last paragraph for administrative, management and traveling expenses.

It also indicates Tu-E capital corporate activities especially in the event they fail to service their credit line facilities with financial institution. It could negatively affect the collateral provider and eventually might tarnish Tu-E capital reputation. The strategic alliance agreement shall be formalized upon receiving the signed second copy of CRAW complete with company’s seal together with the commitment fees paid in full at the respective base where Tu-E capital is Ewing set-up.

The fees be apportioned on 51 :49 ratio of local set-up to cover their overhead and Tu-E capital Malaysia to cover Koala Lump International Liaison Office aside from traveling expenses. Within 40 to 60/90 days, an initial of SUDS ASK (excluding Malaysia) will be disbursed first to the client via respective Tu-E capital which is duty-bound to ensure that the client get the initial fund for them to settle any outstanding statutory matters such as annual return, Account auditing including secretarial fees.

It is to guarantee that all statutory and legal documents are current and up-dated. The financing would begin upon getting the clearance after thorough evaluation from respective country’s Technical department certifying that the projects are progressively on schedule, so- on and so forth until completion. A huge pre-determined fund will be allocated into the respective country’s Tu- E capital set-up account on short term fixed deposit so as to obtain ODD for the clients funding disbursement.

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