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What is the recursive pattern rule? The recursive pattern rule is…(Term #-1) x Common Difference + Start #or (TN-1) x CD+ SN
What is the algebraic pattern rule? The algebraic pattern rule is…the across pattern in a T-table
What is the 2 names on top of a T-table called?what do you need to remember about those 2 names? The 2 names on top of a T-table are called…Term # (left side) and Term (right side)the thing you need to remember about these names are that they can be replaced with a letter (e.g. n) and these names can be given a title (e.g. # of earnings)
What is the answer?5 + __ = 42 The answer is…37
What is the answer?13 x __ = 39 The answer is…3
What are the 2 sides of a graph called? The 2 sides of a graph are called…the y axis (horizontal — ) and the x axis (vertical | )
What do you need to include in a graph? In a graph you need to include…- a title (tells you what the graph is about)- the labels (number of…)- a scale (what # the graph goes up to)
What do you have to do in a equation like below?(10 + 65) 25 x ? In an equation like so, you will have to first do the brackets. You always have to start with the bracket equation and then move on. Once you figure out the brackets, you solve the other half of the equation. You have to treat both sides the same (equal)
Do the equation.(56 – 13) 40 + ? The answer is…3
Do the equation.(48 x 2) 6 + ? The answer is…90
BONUS!!solve this problem (WARNING! : You might need a scrap piece of paper, a pencil, a eraser and open space. If your able to solve the problem mentally, then do so.)"Determine the 15th term for this pattern. Use a pattern rule. 23, 26, 29, 32…" The answer is…(TN-1) x CD + SN14 x 3 + 23 = 65

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