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In recent old ages, the universe ‘s urban poorness turning than earlier, societal jobs besides lead to farther high spot. With the deepening of urban poorness, it has become insecure hidden in societal and economic life. The urban hapless people have many jobs non to be efficaciously solved ; they are unemployment, societal security, distribution system, societal equity and societal development and so on. Since the in-between twentieth century, along with the accelerated procedure of urbanisation and urban population denseness increased, the universe ‘s urban population increased from 30 % to now approximately 50 % , this figure will be near to 60 % to 2030. The population increased has brought a important addition in the urban hapless and slum issues become progressively outstanding. Presently, about 10 million people in worldwide are populating in urban slums. And harmonizing to the World Health Organization ( WHO, 2006 ) more than 13 million deceases yearly are due to preventable environmental causes. Among them, the most thickly settled slum in Asia, this figure represents the universe ‘s urban slum population of more than half of the sum. In the globalisation procedure led to poverty and societal inequality, in 2030 urban slum population will turn to about 2 billion.

What means of urban poorness? Urban poorness by and large refers to persons or households to trust on labour income and other legitimate income could non prolong their basic demands for endurance in urban countries.

Cause and consequence

1.1 causes

Uneven distribution of urban poorness groups lead to the being and rapid enlargement of the of import factors. With urban hapless groups, unemployment, societal security, distribution system, societal equity are all jobs in societal development and these jobs did non been efficaciously resolved and sufficient attending. With the transition of clip and societal spread between rich and hapless growth, planetary metropoliss in the figure of hapless people from poorness being bit by bit towards the long-run poorness, societal poorness in the formation of a big group.

1.2 effects

In modern society, the fastest turning community is slums, slums are turning centre of offense and force, in footings of clime alteration, urban poorness is one of the largest beginnings of pollution, in this planetary small town, person else ‘s poorness really shortly go their ain jobs: deficiency of market merchandises, illegal in-migration, pollution, AIDS, other diseases, insecurity, offense, spiritual fanatism, terrorist act. Peoples can no longer disregard the predicament of slum inhabitants. If people ignore these jobs, it may be a serious societal exclusion, with the attendant menace to peace and security, this is the inauspicious effects.

2. Problems

2.1 Refugees and migratory populations have high rates of poorness.

2.2 Poor life conditions. Slums are normally the worst wellness conditions in urban countries, and even waste stuffs pile up land ( including industrial toxic waste ) , groups populating in slums, frequently enduring from assorted diseases caused by pollution, slum adult females and their kids the biggest victims of these jobs. The streets are soiled, some times many people have to portion one lavatory. The soiled status may do diseases and particularly for kids, they are easier to acquire sick ( Practical Action, 2008 ) .

2.3 Basic life, wellness and employment are non protected. One of the chief urban underemployment in recent old ages, some states and parts due to turning poorness and political instability and war continued, taking to a big figure of refugees flying their places to get away war and poorness and to alter portion of a inflow of comparatively well-developed and there is no war in the metropolis.

2.4 Urban poorness increased and serious underemployments lead to all sorts of offense. Modern society, the work requires non merely the employed have a higher degree of scientific and cultural cognition, while the extended application of scientific discipline and engineering consequence in reduced employment. Thus, many metropoliss people who are low instruction and older age were significantly reduced employment chances, doing the metropolis are enduring from the rapid enlargement of vulnerable groups, vulnerable groups in metropoliss grow offenses, including violent offense is more outstanding.

2.5 Urban hapless and disadvantaged groups live in the underside of society, societal position is “ low ” and even some of the utmost hapless people have non basic societal security benefits.

3. Solutions

3.1 Through statute law to unclutter the chief duty of the parties to the societal security. Through the legislative assembly to develop the appropriate societal security Torahs and ordinances, they clearly defined duties of the chief parties to the societal security.

3.2 Establish effectual societal security system.

Related sections need to foster better the urban minimal life security system. Workers non merely should hold a minimal pay, but besides set up an effectual system of Family Planning study, the conditions to assist the dwellers of current income and household position of assets and other income combined, clear processs for hapless occupants to use for aid, protect the rights of hapless occupants.

3.3 The constitution of urban public lodging policy every bit shortly as possible. Poor living conditions for the hapless, the Government should construct public lodging, to assist hapless people improve their life conditions. Presently low-rent lodging policy introduced in some metropoliss and their integrating into the societal aid system. The system should be steadfastly follow the carnival, the rule of unfastened, incorporate per capita lodging country, and guarantee that lodging conditions were highly hard for low-income occupants have entree to limited lodging support.

3.4 The constitution of hapless medical aid policy. The wellness attention of hapless people is an progressively outstanding societal jobs, disease caused hapless people worsened the life conditions and even fall into desperation. Therefore, people need to set up a poverty-oriented medical aid system, the system helps alleviate the force per unit area on hapless people ‘s lives, it is besides societal development and advancement and an of import portion of societal equity. Of class, this system reduces the medical load of the hapless people, but non free.

3.5 Improve people ‘s instruction degree, because of fiscal or personal jobs, tonss of immature people have no opportunity to derive better instruction. Consequently, with the intent of warrant citizensaa‚¬a„? security, related organisations can assist some hapless pupils to entry universities and give them more chances. For case, the organisations can supply support to pupils, or construct a commission to roll up financess from society ; they can besides consulate with universities to cut down the tuition fee or supply occupations to pupils. From these solutions, it is non merely profit for pupils, but besides for whole instruction system.

3.6 Try to alter the shocking life conditions ; people should non dispose sewerage in anyplace. Peoples should cut down refuse and roll up all trash to a particular topographic point, delight make non thrown off or firing rubbish. Peoples can make a good life infinite.

3.7 Urban poorness lead to all sorts of offense, the best ways to solute this job, possibly community aid hapless people to analyze different sorts of vocational instruction and better the quality of the hapless people ; they besides can better basic instruction policy and seek to do more people to travel to school ; society can beef up moralss and jurisprudence instruction so that people understand non to make illegal things ; community can set up a societal security system, it possibly extinguish the hapless peopleaa‚¬a„?s worried, and they besides need to beef up external direction of the domicile population.


In decision, this study talk about urban poorness and it impacts our universe in different facets, there are many jobs, and people need to give the suggestions to solute these jobs. Overall, poorness is a serious instability factors, because this is a really hard inquiry, we need more concerned about this job so that more people and community groups aware of the earnestness, to acquire more aid, the bureau can seek to work out the job within the maximal scope.

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