African American President Essay

Between the two articles ; “Hell Yeah. There’s Still Slam-Banging Black Music” by Greg Tate and “Starting Now. There Is No Such Thing as Black Music” by Cord Jefferson. they are fundamentally discoursing the get downing times of when Black Music came approximately and how it became labelled Black Music. Besides how there should be no such thing as Black Music due to certain circumstance.

Traveling back to when Black Music foremost became labelled Black Music and believing about all the of import Black leader who stood up for their rights and some who accomplished successful things that were one time thought could merely be accomplished by the Whites. I believe Black Music being labeled Black Music should remain the same. I besides think whether to be considered Black Music or non. it will ever be up to 1s determination on what they consider the type of music they listen to no affair what anyone else says.

What is labeled Black Music today I think has really important and of import significance to the African American civilization because merely like the article “Hell Yeah. There’s Still Slam-banging Black Music. ” African Americans don’t even have a state to name their ain. I think holding something merely as a type of music the Black’s created to name their ain I don’t believe should be a large trade at all and should non be changed.

The article besides mentioned that everything Black’s did back so became a beauty. particularly their music which I think would be easy for anyone to see merely cognizing the history of African Americans and what they had to make merely to be where they are today. slave and favoritism free. There is besides plentifulness of successful African Americans we know about life today and from back so that went through a batch merely hold some acknowledgment for the African American civilization.

Some of these successful African Americans non merely include Musicians. but besides actress and or performing artists. fresh authors. concern proprietors. and today a African American President. I do believe there is a such thing as Black Music merely because the music portrayed as Black Music is still continued today every bit good as when it foremost started.

In the article by Cord Jefferson. he’s seeking to compare hoops to the affair naming it a White’s athletics because it foremost being played by White males. but it wouldn’t make sense being called a White’s athleticss today when today it’s played by many different races other than White males. Not stating that there aren’t non-Black people entering what we as Americans consider Black Music. but the larger bulk of creative person entering what’s labeled as Black Music today are African Americans. That’s fundamentally how it’s been since the get downing start of Black Music and that’s how I believe it will remain.

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