African American: an Identity Crisis Essay

For centuries African Americans have been indoctrinated to exist in a cultural and historical vacuity by their oppressors who would seek to exclude them from of all time doing the connexion to their illuminating yesteryear. This systematic docket of mis-education and prevarications by skip has made possible the subjection and captivity. in organic structure and head. of the African American by his oppressors. In his essay “The Study of the Negro. ” Dr. Carter G. Woodson sets out to ruminate on why the African American has been misled in his Ascension to human equality and self-respect and how he can rectify the blue province of his personal businesss.

A thorough reading of Woodson’s open uping work indicates that we should analyze the experiences of African-descended people to derive cognition about ourselves and other civilizations every bit good as to take back accurate traditions and histories that have all but been discredited or misrepresented. Furthermore. merely through this systematic survey of their meaningful parts to history can African Americans elevate themselves to authorise enlightenment. One ground to analyze the experiences of the African American is to transfuse in him a sense of intent and topographic point in a universe that otherwise intends to maintain him perpetually in the dark.

Undoubtedly the purpose of his oppressors has been to convert him that his history is unimportant so as to strip him of the sense of pride that is so necessary to experience entirely human. By adopting that “he has no worthwile yesteryear. that his race has done nil important since the beginning of clip. and that there is no grounds that he will of all time accomplish anything great” ( Woodson 6 ) . his oppressors can be certain that the African American will go on down the way of mis-education that so allows for his subservience to a system that cares nil for him.

However. “if you teach the Negro that he has accomplished as much good as any other race he will draw a bead on to equality and justness without respect to race. ” ( Woodson 6 ) The nucleus intent of African American surveies is to take back from obscureness that piece of the historical mystifier without which the African American would be amidst an eternal individuality crisis. By analyzing the beginning of his people. the African American. who “has non yet learned to believe and be after for himself as others do for themselves” ( Woodson 7 ) . can take control of his ain fate instead than taking as truth “an

copiousness of information which others have made accessible to the oppressed. ” ( Woodson 7 ) The civilization of indoctrination cultivated by the oppressor would hold that “the Negro should discontinue to retrieve that he was one time held a slave. that he has been oppressed. and even that he is a Negro. ” ( Woodson 7 ) Therefore. it is apparent to see that the African American’s oppressors have excessively much to lose by advancing the truth. Indeed. it would necessitate them to acknowledge their evildoings and to profess the countless meaningful parts made by the African American to modern society.

Without “a serious scrutiny of the basicss of instruction. faith. literature. and doctrine as they have been expounded to him” ( Woodson 7 ) by his oppressors. the “Negro joins the resistance with the expostulation that the survey of the Negro keeps alive inquiries which should be forgotten. ” ( Woodson 7 ) Possibly the most indispensable lesson to be learned from an effectual. systematic survey of African American history is that the parts made by African Americans are far more legion than any oppressor could of all time cognize.

It is with a pig-headed pride that they conceal the fact that “the history of the modern universe was made. in the chief. by what was taken from African people. ” ( Clarke ) Without cognition such as this. it would be impossible for the African American to take pride in himself and to seek the true individuality he has been in hunt of for centuries. “A race is like a adult male. Until it uses its ain endowments. takes pride in its ain history. and loves its ain memories. it can ne’er carry through itself wholly.

” ( Clarke ) African American surveies can assist in understanding other civilizations every bit good as our ain by disputing and rectifying the deceits of Africa and Western Europe and their cultural bequests. What has been laid aground as history by the oppressor does non function to profit the African American but alternatively to maintain him dependent on a system rife with implicit in bias against his people.

History is written in the image of the author so. accordingly. the African American must take up the reins of writing himself and steer his ain fate. That is exactly why we should analyze the African American experience. to bring forth a platform on which he can take back what is innately his. After all. to be cognizant of where one is traveling. it is necessary to be cognizant of where 1 has been.

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