AEC 300-marketing plan template

what is needed in a marketing plan?
1. executive summary
2. table of contents
3. business environment
4. assessment of the market opportunity
5. financial and marketing goals
6. summary of the companies marketing strategy
what is included in an executive summary?
describe your business, history, products and services and your business strategy
what is included in your business environment ?
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competitive threats for your company
what is included in your assessment of the market opportunity?
1. a statement of your target market segments
2. a customer assessment
3. competitive challenges
what is included in your financial and marketing goals?
financial (expected profits) and marketing goals (revenue growth)
what is included in your marketing strategy?
1. identify the target market
2. how to achieve standard goals
3. month-to-month marketing budget and sales
5. plan for marketing and evaluating action plans
what is a marketing plan based on ?
segmentation and targeting
what are the elements of a marketing mix?
product/service, place, where your selling it, price and promotion, how you communicate with customers

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