Advise and consult Unit 205/G7 advise and consult with clients

Term Definition
Data Protection Act All information collected and held about clients and staff must be kept confidential and locked away where only authorized personnel can access it
Health and safety at work act Employees are responsible for maintaining the health and safety of themselves and those affected by their actions by taking reasonable care
RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations. All serious accidents, deaths and diseases must be reported to the health and safety executive
The health and safety (First aid) regulations There must be an appointed person in the workplace to deal with accidents and injuries. The employer must also supply a fully equipped first aid box.
The manual handling operations The employer must train all employees how to lift and move heavy objects and provide the necessary equipment to do so.
COSHH The control of substances hazardous to health. Instructions on how to store, handle, use and dispose of chemicals
The electricity at work regulations All portable appliances must be PAT tested annually. Employees should give a visual inspection of their equipment before each use and report and remove from use any equipment which is not safe and fit for purpose
Sale of goods act Goods must be fit for purpose, unused and unopened and as described.
Manufacturers instructions Should always be followed
Factors that may limit or affect products and services Lifestyle, incompatibility of previous products or services, porosity, elasticity, contraindications, hair condition, hair growth patterns, scalp condition
Hair structure Medulla, cortex, cuticle
Ringworm Greyish bald spots with red rings around. Hair may be broken close to the skin. No services to be offered
Impetigo Honey coloured crusts from blisters, often around the mouth area. No services t be offered
Scabies Infestation of mites under the skin, leaving red itchy rash on the skin, often in folds of skin
Eczema Dry skin condition which can be itchy and flaky and sometimes open and sore. Avoid chemical services on open areas
Psoriasis Areas of thickened raised red and scaly skin. Avoid any chemical services on open areas.
Alopecia Hair loss, many types including areata, traction, male pattern, totalis, universal, cicatrical
Folliculitus An infection of the hair follicle. Will be red and inflamed and a bit spot like.
Dandruff Dry flaking scalp, caused by a yeast like infection
Ingrowing hair Hair fails to come through the follicle and will grow under the skin, can often become infected. Looks like a red lump
Head lice Infestation of lice on the head. The lice feed on their host and lay eggs which are cemented to the hair shaft near the root often behind the ears and in the nape of the neck
Porosity test To test the condition of the cuticle and the hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture, run fingers from point to root of a single hair strand to feel if the surface is raised or smooth
Elasticity test To test the inner strength of the hairs cortex. Dampen a few strands and stretch them in the fingers. Healthy hair should stretch half it's own length and return
Incompatibility test To test for the presence of metallic salts. Put a cutting o hair in a solution of 20ml 6% peroxide and 1ml perm lotion and wait for a reaction.
Pre perm test curl A test cutting is wrapped on a perm rod and processed as per manufacturers instructions to test the suitability of the perm lotion and rod size, also will indicate development time
Development test curl During perm development, check if the perm is ready by unwinding a roller and pushing it in to the head. If s shapes are made then the perm is ready to be rinsed and neutralised
Colour test A strand is cut to be tested for the suitability of the chosen colour. It is processed as per the manufacturers instructions to indicate development time and result to be expected
Development colour test While the colour is developing a small section is taking and the colour wiped away with cotton wool to check for even colour develpoment
Skin test To be done at least 48 hours prior to a colour service to ensure the client has no allergy to any of the ingredients in the colour.
Type 1 Straight
Type 2 Wavy
Type 3 Curly
Type 4 Very curly
Anagen stage Active growing stage, last between 1.5-7 years
Catagen stage Transitional stage, hair detaches from dermal papilla and no further growth occurs. Last about 2 weeks
Telogen stage Hair sheds from the follicle and anagen stage starts again
Factors that contribute to healthy hair Good diet, minimal chemical services, minimal heat, protection, exercise, blood circulation, regular haircuts, conditioning treatments

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