Advertisements by a large Financial Products

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Production: Psychopathic Category: Finance, Bank Country: Bangladesh Concept of the advertisement: In this TV Is analyzed from the perspective of indicates that here their target market is Bangladesh people especially the family persons who are depended in foreign remittance. In Bangladesh, remittance is one of the most important economic variables in recent times as it helps in balancing balance of payments, increasing foreign exchange reserves, enhancing national savings and increasing velocity of money.

The advertising has made between the man who works in abroad and his family who lives in Bangladesh. Here the video patriot the scene where that man capture photo of his family members to carry the Emory of them with him, and different family member express their emotion about him while the photo shoot. Finally video shows that that man keep this photo in his money wallet and doing the hard work to earn money at abroad. Now Eastern Bank Ltd create the opportunity to send money to his family by the “Matrix Ovum” service.

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