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Sovereignty Belongs to Allah Sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Almighty Allah and the authority bestowed by him on men is a sacred trust which the people o Pakistan will exercise tit the limits prescribed by Quern and Saunas. Definition off Muslim The constitution also gives the definition of a Muslim. A person who believes in Teethed or Oneness of Allah and In the prophet hood of Hazard Mohammad A Muslim to be A President and Prime Minister The constitution lay down that only Muslims shall be elected President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Non could not hold these offices. Islamic Way of life Steps shall be given to enable the Muslims of Pakistan to order their lives in accordance with the fundamental principles and basic concepts of Islam. Promotion f Social Justice and Eradication of Social Evils The state shall take necessary steps for prosecution of social Justice and eradication of social evils and shall prevent prostitution, gambling and taking of injurious drugs, printing, publication, circulation and display of obscene literature and advertisements.

Teachings of Holy Quern The state shall try to make the teachings of Holy Quern and Islamic compulsory to encourage and facilitate the learning of Arabic language. Strengthen Bond with Muslim World The state shall endeavourer to strengthen fraternal relations among Muslim countries n order to promote Islamic unity. Council of Islamic Ideology There is a council of Islamic ideology which shall guide the government In respect of Islamic teachings, their Implementation and propagation. Its chairman and members are appointed by President.

Although its advice is not blinding on the government yet it is not easy for any government to ignore or over rule its suggestion or opinion regarding any law. Error Free Publication of Quern The government shall endeavourer to secure correct and exact printing and publishing of the Holy Quern. Oath to Project and Promote Islamic Ideology The Federal and Provincial Ministers, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National and Provincial Assemblies, the Chairman of the Senate and the Governors and Chief Ministers of the Provinces also take oath to preserve and protect the Islamic Ideology.

Amide’s A Non Muslim Minority According to the second amendment of 1973 constitution, the Jading group or the Lahore group who call themselves “Amide’s” were declared as Non-Muslim minority. The 1973 constitution enlisted the main principles of State Policy Maximum efforts were made to improve the character of this constitution. Like other constitution, 1973 institution of Pakistan also provides for the protection, propagation and enforcement of Islamic Ideology.

Constitutions 956: Important Characteristics of the Constitution of 1956 Constitution of 1956 The Legislative Assembly prepared first Constitution in 1956 which was enforced on March 1956. At that time Chuddar Mohammad All was the Prime Minister. This constitution remained in action till 7th October 1958. Important Features of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Pakistan was declared as an Islamic Republic. Federal Parliamentary System Federal Parliamentary system was introduced in the country. Sovereignty of Allah

It was affirmed that all powers belong to Allah and exercised through the elected representatives. Lives According to Islam People were provided necessary environment to lead their life according to Islam. Minorities were guaranteed full religious freedom. Citizen Right Full civic rights were guaranteed to citizen. Independent Judiciary Judiciary was guaranteed an independent work. Judges were given security of services. Urdu and Bengali as National Languages Urdu and Bengali were declared as national languages under the 1956 constitution.

Written Constitution 1956 constitution was written in home. Abrogation of the Constitution 1956 constitution was approved after hard work of nine years but due to multiple reasons it did not last for long in October 1958 constitution was abrogated. Commander in Chief of Pakistan Army General Mohammad Baby Khan imposed Martial Law by dissolving the cabinet and Federal Legislature. He assumed the office of President and Martial Law Administrator. 1962: Important Characteristics of the Constitution of 1962 Constitution of 1962 President Baby Khan established a Constitutional Commission.

This commission sent its recommendations. According to these recommendations a new constitution was repaper and enforced on 8th June, 1962 and Martial Law was finished. The Main Features of 1962 Constitution Following are the main features of constitution of 1962: The constitution was in written form and it constituted of 250 articles and 5 schedules. Federal Constitution The constitution was federal in nature. Presidential Form of Government Islamic Issues Various Islamic provisions were incorporated in the constitution I. . Sovereignty of Allah and exercises of power through the elected representatives of people. Pakistan was named as Islamic republic of Pakistan. It Head must be a Muslim as compulsory. Basic Human Rights People were given fundamental rights. National Languages Urdu and Bengali were declared the national language of Pakistan. Failure of In 1968-69 the political parties of the country started agitation against Baby Khan and Presidential system, enforced parliamentary system and democratic constitution.

This movement became much powerful within few months and there were agitations seen everywhere in the country. As a result of such situation on 25th March, 1969 President Baby Khan resigned and transferred his powers to Commander in Chief Yah Khan. He abrogated the constitution of 1962 and enforced Martial Law in the entry. Objective resolution: Salient Features of Objective Resolution Objective Resolution After the death of Quad-e-Seam on 1 lath September 1948, the responsibility of framing the constitution fell on the shoulders of the first Prime Minister, Loquat All Khan.

This resolution was passed by the First Constituent Assembly in March 1949 under the leadership of Loquat All Khan. Salient Features of Objective Resolution The salient features of the Objective Resolution are as follows: Sovereignty Belongs to Allah The resolution clearly laid down that sovereignty over the entire universe belongs o Almighty Allah alone and the authorities to be exercised by the people of Pakistan as a sacred trust. Federal System Federal System of Government will be introduced in Pakistan.

Golden Principles of Islam Principles of democracy, equality, freedom and social Justice as laid down by Islam shall be fully observed. Supreme Authority of the People The sovereignty of the state will be established through the elected representative of the people. Life According to the Teachings of Islam The Muslims shall be provided with opportunity to order their lives in accordance with the teachings and requirements of Islam. Protection of the Rights of Minorities The rights and interests of the minorities to freely profess and practice their religion will be protected.

Equal Rights to Citizens All citizens will enjoy their rights on the principle of equality. Development of Under Developed Areas All efforts will be made for the development and progress of the under developed areas. Independence Judiciary Judiciary will be independent. Objective Resolution and Loquat All Khan While introducing the resolution in the Constituent Assembly, Loquat All Khan said: the state. When we use the word ‘Democracy in the Islamic sense it pervades all aspects of life.

It relates to the system of government and to our society will equal validity because one of the greatest contributions of Islam has been the equality of men. ” Importance of the Objective Resolution This resolution is of fundamental importance in the history of constitutions making in Pakistan because from the first constitution of 1956 till the constitution of 1973 (present constitution) whatever constitution was framed it was based on this objective resolution.

It contains those steps and principles which were to be taken for the fulfillment of the basic aim of the freedom struggle that is the establishment of n Islamic society in Pakistan. Hence, it is a significant document in the constitutional history of Pakistan. When Loquat All Khan visited America, in the course of his speech at New Orleans, he said, “We believe in God and his Supreme sovereignty because we believe that civic life must have an ethical content and a higher purpose.

But democracy, social Justice, equality of opportunity and equality before the law of all citizens irrespective of their race and creed are also aspects of faith with us. ” Basic Principles Committee After passing the Objective Resolution, the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan set up a Basic Principle Committee” to spell out proposals for the constitution in accordance with the guidelines contained in the Objective Resolution.

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