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The undermentioned interview was conducted with the topic known as “George” who is in the in-between grownup phase of life. George is 48 old ages old and is an car machinist. He lives at place with this married woman and two girls in San Diego. California. George is in Erik Erikson’s 7th phase of psychosocial development which is the Generativity vs. Stagnation phase. In this phase. work and parenting are of import factors that impact his life.

Physical Features

Physical Features: weight and tallness ; wellness overall/concerns ; physical activity ; overall nutrition/eating forms ; forms of ingestion ( i. e. . intoxicant. caffeine. smoke ) ; important alterations in gender from immature maturity ; phase in climacteric ; sleep forms ; sexual dysfunction/satisfaction ; are they above or below life anticipation ; accidents

As a individual grows in age. along comes physical alterations and possible wellness jobs. In George’s instance. he appears to be really physically fit ; nevertheless. I learned from the interview that he antecedently had some wellness issues that involved hospitalization which caused him to late alter his dietetic wonts. George was at hazard of holding a series of colon malignant neoplastic diseases and invariably had tormenting tummy strivings. After being hospitalized for three yearss. the consequences showed no positive marks of malignant neoplastic disease but his physician gave a rigorous diet and urged him to exert more on a regular basis. When asked about his current feeding forms and physical activities. George revealed that he makes an attempt to eat more veggies and fruits and has cut off on fried nutrients and saccharides. He besides makes certain to take a walk to the park near his place with his married woman every twenty-four hours after dinner. George does non smoke but he does on occasion imbibe intoxicant and caffeine. His intoxicant and caffeine ingestion is low which is why they do non hold a important impact on his wellness. He described that as he gets older ; his sleeping forms have been altering every bit good. He used to be able to remain up past midnight but now he gets tired really easy and must kip before 10 P. M.

Cognitive Features

Cognitive Features: Piaget’s sub-stage ; alterations in rational abilities ; speed/accuracy of information processing ( you can utilize a memory trial ) ; alterations in creativity/learning

Harmonizing to Piaget’s theory on the formal operations phase. striplings should hold the “capacity for flexible. reversible operations refering abstract thoughts and constructs. such as symbols. statements. and theories” ( Rathus. 2013 ) . Rathus besides discusses that striplings execute conjectural thought. which is when they consistently try out different possibilities in their heads to work out a job. Formal operations give the stripling accomplishments of logical idea. deductive logical thinking. and systematic planning to help their problem-solving. In footings of Patrick’s conjectural thought from the interview. he seems to be on path with this degree of thought. For illustration. I asked him about what attack he takes when work outing a job and he said that he takes into history all of the different options he has and does everything one measure at a clip.

Piaget coined adolescent egoism as groking thoughts of other people. but holding trouble screening out those things that concern other people form the things that concern themselves ( Rathus. 2013 ) . I tested my subject’s cognitive development by giving him a preset list of 10 vocabulary words and inquiring him to specify each word to the best of his ability. I gave him a minute to clearly specify the word. He defined 8 out of 10 words right which shows that his cognitive accomplishments are on the right way. Patrick admitted that he used to fight with equilibrating school and athleticss and had to go to tutoring lessons to raise his classs. He now has a 3. 6 GPA and is anticipating to go to San Diego State University in the autumn. His strongest topic is math and scientific discipline.

Psychological/Emotional Features

Psychological/Emotional Features: Erikson’s phase ; completed developmental undertakings ( Havighurst ) ; any emotional crisis evident? ; alterations in life events ; challenges in wellbeing ; displacements in personality ; occupation satisfaction ; grounds of wisdom

Harmonizing to Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development. striplings go through the self-importance individuality versus function diffusion phase where they are calculating out who they are as a individual. Branching off of Erikson’s attack. James Marcia proposed four individuality statuses that he believes represents a phase an person is traveling through in seeking their individuality: individuality diffusion. individuality foreclosure. individuality moratorium. and individuality accomplishment. Adolescents in high school normally move from the diffusion and foreclosure phase to the moratorium and accomplishment positions ( Bartoszuk & A ; Pittman. 2010 ) .

I besides discussed the subject of emphasis with my topic and he revealed that school is his chief beginning of emphasis. “I merely applied to colleges last autumn and eventually received some credence letters last month. I have been emphasizing like loony and thought I wouldn’t acquire into any schools! ” Patrick appears to hold a strong sense of self-concept and besides high self-pride. He described himself as “responsible. friendly. and competitive” and that holding supportive friends and household have helped him keep a good self-pride. In respects to gender. Patrick said that he is interested in misss but does non hold anything against homosexualism as he has friends who are cheery and sapphic.

Social Features

Social Features: Typical interactions with others. with you ; development of parent-child relationship ; grandparenting ; alteration in caring for parents ; relationships with siblings/friends ; widowhood

Harmonizing to the text edition. striplings are “heavily influenced both by parents and peers” ( Rathus. 2013 ) . When asked about his interactions and relationships with others. Patrick described his friends and household as the most of import facets of his life. He and his male parent used to play hoops together when he was younger which fueled his love for the athletics. Although he is a portion of the school’s hoops squad. he does non see himself to be a athlete or popular. Aside from hoops. Patrick enjoys playing pictures games and is interested in computing machines. He described himself as an “average teenage male child who loves playing athleticss and all things electronics. ” The relationship between his household members and friends were besides farther discussed in the interview. Patrick says that he has non hold much clip to pass with his household since high school started but his relationship with his parents has grown stronger as he grows older. Patrick and his sister are four old ages apart in age and have a really strong bond. They both play hoops which Patrick said has created a “friendly sibling competition. ”

Patrick described that an mean Sunday with his household consisted of traveling to church. holding brunch. traveling to the beach and so leasing a movie from Redbox. Patrick thinks that his parents are “strict but flexible at the same clip. ” I asked him to lucubrate more on this idea and he explained that they have high outlooks for him in respects to his instruction and that “they told [ him ] that [ he ] demands to hold a 3. 5 GPA and above to take part in any sports” which motivates him to make good in school. His parents have helped him look into different universities and career way options but it is finally his determination on what he wants to make with his hereafter. The text edition describes this type of rearing manner as the important manner in which parents “know what they want their kids to make but besides respect their kids and are warm toward them” ( Rathus. 2013 ) . This parenting manner normally contributes to an adolescent’s sense of high self-esteem and independency.

The circle of friends that Patrick interact with portion many similarities. they play the same athleticss and picture games. and besides like to listen to the same type of music. When asked what he and his friends do for merriment after school or on the weekends. Patrick said that they normally go to one person’s house and merely play a game of NBA 2K14 for a twosome of hours or play a few games of hoops. He described his relationship with his friends as “chill and merriment. ” In respects to his dating life. Patrick’s relationships tend to be instead short ; his longest relationship lasted for about six months. He shared that there is a miss who he is interested in and programs to inquire her to the senior prom coming up in a few months. Patrick antecedently had a parttime occupation at a retail shop but quit due to his classs dropping. It has been proven that “adolescents who work after school obtain lower grades” ( Rathus. 2013 ) .

Moral features

Moral features: Any alterations since early maturity

Harmonizing to Lawrence Kohlberg. adolescence is the period in life where persons become capable of formal-operational thought. leting them to do determinations by utilizing ethical rules ( Rathus. 2013 ) . Patrick defined a regulation as a set of rules that should be purely followed. I asked him why he thinks regulations should be obeyed and to give an illustration of when it is all right to interrupt a regulation and his response was. “rules are made so that things will run smoothly” and “rules can be broken if it is necessary to salvage someone’s life. ” Based on this response. Patrick is taking the position of phase 6 of Kohlberg’s postconventional degree of moral development in which it is acceptable to interrupt a rule/law in order to continue a life regardless of the effects this may convey.


I enjoyed making this interview because it gave me a better apprehension of how it would be to personally interact with another human being particularly since I am interested in majoring in Human Development. It was rather daunting and nerve-wracking at first since I have ne’er interviewed anyone before and I felt really inexperienced. By the center of the interview. I felt less dying and began acquiring the bent of it. After the interview. I realized that I should hold asked more inquiries in respects to moral development. Overall. this was a great learning experience and I feel more confident for the following interview that I will hold to carry on for the category. I look frontward to utilizing the accomplishments I learned from this interview and using it for future experiences.

Bartoszuk. K. . & A ; Pittman. J. F. ( 2010 ) . Profiles of individuality geographic expedition and committedness across spheres. Journal of Child and Family Studies. 19 ( 4 ) . 444-450. Rathus. S. A. ( 2014 ) . Hdev3. ( 3rd ed. ) Belmont. Calcium: Cengage Learning.

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